Snow Angel Craft

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The snow has hit us in New England. My little girl has had 3 snow days in the past two weeks.. And we have already had us a ton of snowy fun. One of my daughter’s favorites snowy day activities is making snow angels. There are snow angels all around our yard. Those adorable little angel prints inspired today’s fun snow angel craft.

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What you will need:

Watercolor paper or other thick paper

Acrylic paint


Cotton balls or fake snow batting

Photo copy of child’s photo

Optional: Construction paper , glitter


Take a photo of your child with their arms and legs spread out. You can do this in winter gear so it looks like they are all bundled up or they can choose their favorite Christmas outfit. We chose the latter of the two and just added in our own hat & scarf with construction paper.

Print the picture out on your printer onto regular copier paper. We used a 5X7 print-out.

Cut the figure out and place it on a piece of watercolor or another thick stock paper. Lightly sketch around the figure a snow angel shape.

Set the photo aside and paint the inside of the angel with a light blue or silver color. With white paint, paint streaks vertically across the arms & horizontally across the legs following the movement that the arms & legs would make while making a snow angel. Let your paint dry.

Squeeze glue out all around the outside of your angel. Spread out your glue. You can use a paint brush or your fingers.

For the next step you will need cotton balls or cotton batting . Unroll and thin out the cotton with your fingers and spread it around your angel. Pull off tiny pieces to get into the narrow spaces.

Keep gluing and spreading your cotton around the paper. We chose to cover our whole entire sheet, but you may also trim your paper. Sprinkle white or silver glitter over the top if you like a little sparkle. Glue your figure into the middle of the snow angel. Add a hat and scarf to finish it off.

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