Talking To The Angels

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It has often been said that children can see the angels among us. Our daughter has been surrounded by two very special angels her whole life. Sadly my mother and my husband’s father passed before ever getting the opportunity to meet their first grandchild. That did not stop us from introducing Mai to them at an early age. She wakes to their faces every morning. Their photos guard over her while she sleeps. She recognizes their pictures.

It has been many years since I lost my mother. My husband’s loss is fresher. The start of every football season sends my husband into a tailspin of emotions. Football was something that he shared with his father. I can remember the exchange of phone calls after plays. Sometimes they were screams of victory, other times they were filled with obscenities and anger about bad plays, poor calls and a plethora of other football related things that I know nothing about. Those calls are something that he misses.

My husband is in a football pool at a local Legion hall, one that his father had frequented in life. Every week he goes to play his picks for that week. Recently, he needed to take Mai with him. They went into the hall, made their choices and headed right back out the door. As they were leaving, Mai pointed behind them. “Look, it’s Grandpa Mike.” My husband stopped. “Where? Where do you see him?” “Right there.” she said, pointing back at the empty doorway again. There would be no reason for our daughter to make the connection between that building and her grandfather, but she did.

Last night as we were relaxing before bed, Mai began talking about her grandfather again. She was telling us a story about Grandpa Mike. I asked her “Do you talk to Grandpa Mike?” “Yes” she replied. “What does grandpa say to you when you talk to him?” “He says I am growing bigger & bigger.” My husband & I fell silent and looked at one another. We didn’t need to speak. We both already knew what the other was thinking. I didn’t ask another question. I just reflected on our little girl’s answer.

All this time I have felt so much sorrow that she never got the chance to meet her grandparents, but it seems as if they have been with her all along.





  1. Aww, I totally believe and got to tell you as a kid I clearly saw and totally believed I saw my grandmother (my dad’s mom who passed away when I was only 18 months old) on more then when occasion. I told my parents and even to this day they definitely believe she was close enough by watching me grow up. So, most definitely got chills reading this, as I am a believer for sure myself.

    1. I had chills when she told me that he told her she was getting bigger and bigger. At 2 years old, she would not know that that might be something that he would say. On the norm if I ask her about a conversation that she has had, I get crazy answers about giant chickens laying big eggs or silly stories about Teletubbies. I believe that you did see your grandmother Janine. I wish that I would see my mother or my father in law. I miss them both.

  2. Wow, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us. I totally believe in those we love being able to come to us and those they love. Heaven and earth really aren’t far away… they are both here. I’ve felt the presence of my grandparents at times and it is serene. What a beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you Marla. Since she was about 7 months old, I have felt it. She would squeal and kick her little feet when she would see pictures of my mother. She just seemed to have connections with things associated with them both. I only wish that I could see their faces when they talk to her. They must beam with love.

  3. Oh my goodness, what an incredible story. I believe with my whole heart that we have Angels watching over us and that our children walk hand-in-hand with those we love and miss dearly. I believe because of sweet experiences of my own. We recently lost my husband’s grandma, one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known. I hope that my boys can feel her love just as your daughter has her grandparents, though she never met them. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s beautiful story! I’m so glad I could read it!

  4. Wow! This was a very touching post. I lost my grandmother unexpectedly when I was 2 weeks away from delivering my daughter. I do feel like she is watched over by her, and she has a very similar personality I think. They like many of the same things. My daughter has also always recognized her, because I try to share with my children my memories of loved ones. This is one of the ways I share my passion for genealogy with my kids.

  5. Thank you Amanda. I am sorry about your grandmother. I think that it is wonderful that you keep her alive through stories. I have many great stories about my mother and my father in law. I cannot wait until my daughter gets older and can understand these stories. I hope as she grows that she will retain the memories that she has of speaking with them.

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