Tissue Box Christmas Chimney Craft

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Up on the housetop, click, click, click
Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick…

When I was a child my grandmother used to have a wonderful Christmas record of children singing. This was my favorite carol on the album. I have gotten into the holiday spirit a little bit early & have started singing Christmas carols around our house & even at work. Not everyone appreciates my caroling, but my little one loves mommy’s songs. I think this one is going to be a favorite of hers too. Our tissue box chimney craft is inspired by this wonderful song.

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My husband is obsessed with tissues. We literally have a box of tissues in every single room in our house. Some rooms have multiple boxes. I have been wanting to do something with our empty boxes for some time. Luckily, all my caroling had me inspired.

Tissue Box Chimney Craft

What you will need:

An empty tissue box

Acrylic paint

Cotton balls


2 Empty toilet paper rolls or 1 paper towel roll cut in two

Black construction paper or a black foam sheet


Paint your tissue box with the red paint & let it dry. You can put down a white base coat first to cover up any designs, but my kiddo wanted to get straight into painting. My daughter wanted more than one color for her chimney. She had a multi-colored chimney, but it still came out great.


Using black paint, line all 4 sides of the tissue box to make the look of brick. Depending on your children’s ability you may need to help with this part.


Paint 2 toilet paper rolls or 1 paper towel roll cut into 2 pieces in red. Paint 1/4 of one end of each piece in black. Let the paint dry.


Using glue, apply stretched out cotton balls to form snow. Leave the opening of the box uncovered.


Cut ovals out of construction paper or foam for the bottom of the boots


Glue the oval shape to the black side of the roll.


Add more cotton around the top edge of the black to form fur on the boot.


Let the glue dry & then tuck both Santa legs into the tissue box opening with the legs sticking up.

Here is my daughter’s creation…

Tissue Box Santa stuck in the chimney craft for kids

And mommy’s too…

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