Pasta Shell Autumn Crafts

Pasta Shell Autumn Leaves. Fun Fall Crafts For Kids

With our house on the market & all of the recent showings, I had to pack up the majority of my craft supplies & store them until our move. Sadly, one of my favorite crafting materials had to be packed away. Ten boxes of different varieties of pasta were boxed up & tucked safely away in our POD.  I have missed our pasta crafts. It had been too long, so I dug out one box to make a couple of fall themed crafts,

Earlier in the summer I had made a tree with pasta shells.


A reader suggested that we do this craft again in the fall & use fall colors. I told her that it was a great idea & I would definitely do so. Last night, true to my word, we did just that.

Pasta Shell Autumn Tree

To color your pasta you can put the pasta shells in a baggie with a few squirts of paint & shake them up. If you are like my daughter, you may paint each one of your pieces. We did both. We painted red, orange, brown, yellow & green shells. Lay the pasta shells out on wax paper to dry.




Cut out a tree with bare branches.


Glue the dry pasta around the tree.

IMG_6996 IMG_6993

pasta shell autumn tree craft - fall crafts for kids

We colored too many brown shells & had a lot left over, so we used them for one more quick craft.

Pasta & Play Dough Pine Cone

We had a small baggie of homemade play dough left over.

Mold play dough or clay it into a pine cone shape like shown.


Press brown colored pasta shells into the bottom of the fatter end of your dough.


Place the dough down on a flat surface on the shell side. It should stand on its own. Press the shells into the dough all the way around starting from the bottom & working your way up.


Pasta Shell Pine Cone Craft - Fun fall crafts for kids

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