Button Flower Craft

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If you follow along with us regularly, you probably know that we are preparing for a move. The past few days we have done almost nothing but pack. My home is filled with boxes, bubble wrap & newspaper. Mai has colored on all of our boxes.


She has popped a little too much bubble wrap & yesterday we took a break from packing to make a quick craft out of newspaper & buttons. My daughter is wild about button crafts. Her eyes light up every time I pull out our big bag of buttons. This is an easy an pretty one that even your smallest crafter can make. 


What you will need:


Card Stock


Glue Stick/School Glue


Pipe Cleaners or yarn

Button Flowers


Cover a piece of card stock or cardboard with a glue stick.


Smooth out a piece of newspaper over it. Glue the excess around the edges or trim off.


To form your flowers, glue one large button with smaller buttons surrounding it. Glue a smaller button into the center of your flower. I explained to Mai how to do this & she picked it up quickly.


Form a few flowers in different sizes.


Let the glue dry.


Use a hot glue gun to glue pipe cleaners for the stems & leaves. (Glue gun should be operated by an adult for safety)


Draw a design with the glue around your flowers.


Sprinkle with glitter & shake off the excess.


Button Flower Craft made on old newspaper. Pretty and easy kid's craft

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  1. These are so cute and by the way, I got something delivered to my house with bubble wrap the other day and my girls had a blast playing with it. Seriously, I buy all these expensive toys and this entertained them for hours. Go figure! 🙂

    1. Thanks Janine! It is funny how we buy them all of these toys and all we had to do is buy bubble wrap. Lol

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