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Paper Plate Thomas The Train Craft

My daughter loves cartoons. She would stay parked in front of the television all day, but I limit her screen time. There are only a few shows that she watches. Her favorite shows are ‘Stella & Sam’ & ‘Julius Jr.’ Since I monitor her television time, it always surprises me when she knows so many characters from other cartoons. Last night she kept talking to me about Percy. I did not know who Percy was. It turned out that Percy was a friend of Thomas the train. “Percy is so cute.” she told me. I was not familiar with Percy, but I know Thomas. I asked my daughter if she wanted to make Thomas & Percy crafts & of course she jumped at it. She chose to make Percy, so I made Thomas. We chose to make paper plate crafts. Here’s how.

What you will need:

Paper plates

Silver paint

Construction paper in blue, black, red & green.

Magic markers



Paint a paper plate in silver & let it dry.


Cut out the shapes for the bodies, eyes, mouths, lights & smoke stacks. (Here were all the pieces used to form Thomas)


Draw in the eyeballs & any details with magic marker.


I cut out all the pieces for Mai’s Percy as well.

Glue all the pieces together to form your characters.

IMG_5073 IMG_5077

Draw in nose, mouth & cheeks.


As you can see Mai was very proud of her creation.

IMG_5079 Percy The Train Craft

Mommy was proud of hers too.

Paper Plate Thomas The Train Craft

Since we were on a Thomas kick, we had to squeeze in just one more craft.

Footprint Thomas The Train Craft

Paint your child’s feet as shown.


Press onto a piece of paper & let dry.


Paint in the whites of the eyes & the mouth. Paint the train’s body as shown & let dry.


Paint or draw in the details & let dry.

Thomas the Train footprint craft

Add a smoke stack & train tracks with crayons to finish off your picture.

Thomas The Train Footprint Craft


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    1. That’s funny! In the U.S. it is called Thomas the Train. I have never actually watched him though.

      1. It’s pretty good, although I haven’t watched it for a while. My daughter has had a stint of loving him but it’s worn off. Years ago, my brother was obsessed with it, he knew every train and carriage there was to know! It was really funny. I enjoy watching the older episodes, Ringo Starr tells the story!

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