Pipe Cleaner Tiaras

Pipe cleaner tiara for princess & pretend play

I have had a rough week. I have been sick this whole week. I left work early twice & yesterday stayed home all together. I lounged on the couch, slept a lot & binged watched Netflix, but then got very fidgety & bored. I had a big bag of shimmery white pipe cleaners that I had been wanting to make something out of, but I didn’t know what. I began playing with them & then knew what I wanted to make.

Pipe Cleaner Tiaras

So this is what happens when mommy stays home from work sick.

Grab two cleaners & twist them together. Do this again to another pair of cleaners.


Take both twisted pairs & twist them together at the ends so that they formed a circle. Tuck in the sharp edges.


Make another twisted pair & formed it into a bow.


With a single pipe cleaner, bind the bow to the circle by weaving it around the bow & the circle.


Fold a pipe cleaner in half & then twist it. Roll the cleaner so that it forms a shape as shown below. Do this again with another cleaner.


Use a pipe cleaner to bind each shape to the side of the bow & to the circle. Weave in and out. The better you bind it, the sturdier your crown.



Use another twisted pair. Fold it in half & then roll each end down & outward to form a shape like this.


Bind it right above the center of the bow.


Form a heart out of another twisted pair.


Line up the point of the heart behind the center of the bow & bind in place with a single cleaner.


Form two more curly shapes like shown & bind to each side of the heart and any other points that the shape meets. Weave in & out and always remember to tuck the sharp end in.

IMG_1390 IMG_1398 IMG_1399


Add colored pom poms to your tiara with a glue gun to add color. (As always use caution when operating a hot glue gun. It is recommended for adult use only.) If you still have sharp edges from your pipe cleaners, try dabbing the edge with just a bit of hot glue to cover the end.


I had so much fun with this one. I made a few more with different shapes & colors.

Pipe Cleaner Tiaras - For princess pretend play & dress up

Try your own designs. I surprised Mai when she came home from pre-school. She liked this one the best.

Her animals really liked them too.


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Pipe Cleaner Tiaras

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