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Paper Plate Cloud Guy Craft

If your kids are Trolls fan, you have to try this cute and funny paper plate craft inspired by Cloud Guy.

We bought the movie Trolls last week. Since we bought it, we have watched it three or four times. My daughter loves those adorable Trolls, but our favorite character is by far the cloud. His part is a small one, but it is memorable.  She loves him so much, that a Cloud Guy craft was a must.

Paper Plate Craft inspired by Cloud Guy character from the Dreamworks movie Trolls. Kid's arts and crafts

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The “Cloud Guy” looked like a simple enough character to make, so I wanted to make one with my daughter.

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Love Goggles

Springy love goggles made out of egg carton & pipe cleaner - Valentine's Day arts & crafts for kids. Recyclable dangling heart glasses

I used to love in old cartoons when the characters would fall in love and their eyes would bulge out of their heads filled with hearts. This would always crack me up. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought that these love goggles would be a quick and fun project.

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Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree went up this week. My daughter was excited to decorate for the holidays, but when we finished, she told me that we did not nearly decorate the house enough.

My daughter wanted a Christmas tree for her doll house, so we made one. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree craft - arts and crafts for kids pretend play or decoration

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She went on to tell me that we needed to get her dollhouse ready for Christmas. “My dollhouse needs snow and a Christmas tree.”

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Coiled Fall Trees

Ok! I am slightly obsessed with fall trees, but why wouldn’t I be? They are beautiful and so fun to make.Yarn Coiled fall and autumn trees with sequins. You can try this with pipe cleaners for the smaller kids. Great for fine motor skills. Check out the pipe cleaner coiled tree made by my 4 year old. Arts & crafts

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As you may know, we love working with yarn and I had an idea for a fall tree craft using yarn. I drew a swirly branched tree onto a piece of construction paper and cut a bunch of small pieces of yarn and coiled them with my fingers to glue around the branches. I thought that this would be a great fine motor activity as well as a pretty craft for my daughter.

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Button Wind Chimes

Button Threaded Wind Chimes - Great for fine motor skills -spring craft for kids

My daughter is obsessed with threading buttons.  When she is bored she will just grab the box of buttons and thread one pipe cleaner after another.  I have a drawer full of button necklaces made by my sweet little girl. With spring around the corner, I thought that we could put those button stringing skills to some good use and make a new wind chime for our new home. For our purposes, we used pipe cleaners. You may do this with yarn or string as well.

What you will need:

2 paper bowls

A variety of buttons

Pipe cleaners –

A small Play-doh lid

A foam sheet in any color



Poke holes around the top of the paper bowl forming a circle. Poke one more hole through the center.


Pull a pipe cleaner through the center hole and bend at the top to secure. Poke a hole through the small Play-Doh lid & slide it up the pipe cleaner.


Cut 2 identical pieces of foam in any shape & glue the pieces together around the bottom part of your pipe cleaner.


Cut some of the pipe cleaners so that you have different lengths going around.

It did not take much convincing to get my daughter to start stringing up some pipe cleaners with the buttons for our wind chime. I had her only fill about 1/4 of the pipe cleaner& then we spread the buttons out. Poke each pipe cleaner through the hole in the bowl & bend at the top to secure.


Poke two holes in the other paper bowl & make a loop with another pipe cleaner like shown. Bend to secure underneath. Glue this bowl over the top of the other bowl. This will cover up all of the pipe cleaner knots on top of the other bowl & just make it look cleaner.


Find a spot to hang your wind chime.

Button Threaded Wind Chimes - Great fine motor spring craft for kids






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Pipe Cleaner Dream Catcher

Pipe Cleaner Dream Catcher Craft

My daughter has had issues with sleep since the day she was born. She had colic & reflux as a baby and did not sleep through the night until after she was 1. She suffered from night terrors as a toddler and recently she has been having nightmares. She was afraid to fall asleep for fear that she might have one. We began meditating together for a few minutes before bed to try to clear her head. She is so cute doing her meditation and is able to sit through 2 straight minutes now without opening her eyes.


It seemed to help a little, but she was still concerned about her dreams. A couple of friends of mine recommended getting her a dream catcher for her room. I could not believe I had not thought of it before. I explained to her about the dream catchers & told her that we could make one for her room. Here is how we did it.

All you will need is pipe cleaners, feathers & beads are optional.


Twist 2 pipe cleaners together. Repeat. Join the two twisted pieces together to form a circle.


Form a loop with another pipe cleaner & twist the loop around the circle. Form another loop through the first & twist it around the opposite side of the circle.


Repeat these steps perpendicular to the other 2 loops.


Choose a different color & do this again working in between the other loops.


Wrap a contrasting colored pipe cleaner around the center of the dream catcher to form a circle.


Cut a pipe cleaner & wrap the end around the outside of the circle & let it dangle. String beads on the pipe cleaner if desired & wrap a feather around the bottom of the pipe cleaner. Repeat this step as many times as you like until you get the desired affect.

IMG_5955 IMG_5956

I made two for either side of my daughter’s bed. Sweet dreams my sweet girl.

Pipe Cleaner Dream Catcher Craft

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Button Threading Activity & Craft

Stringing buttons for teaching fine motor skills & patterns

My daughter & I have always enjoyed crafting and drawing together, but ever since we have moved into our new house & we have a craft room of our very own, she downright loves it.

Kid's Play & Art Room Display Wall

With all of our supplies organized in shelves & bins finally and not just stuffed into a box, she has more freedom to make projects of her own. The other day, she grabbed a container full of buttons and some pipe cleaners & strung up a necklace. She did it again the next day, but that time with pasta. It was a wonderful thing to watch her so engaged. Sometimes, she strung up the buttons & pasta at random, other times she formed patterns.

Thread Button Necklaces For A Great Fine Motor Skill Activity & For Dress Up Play

 Last night she wanted to make button necklaces again. She asked me to cut out a heart to put in the middle of them for Valentine’s Day.

So, for the 3rd day in a row, my daughter made button necklaces. Mai strung up her necklaces & I made one too & per her request cut foam hearts to dangle from her new jewelry.




You will need to use two pipe cleaners twisted together to form a necklace. The heart was cut out of a piece of foam & strung up with a piece of yarn.

Threading buttons to make necklaces & bracelets. Great fine motor activity & craft and a great way to teach patterns as well

Threading buttons to make necklaces & bracelets. Great fine motor activity & craft

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Pipe Cleaner Tiaras

Pipe cleaner tiara for princess & pretend play

I have had a rough week. I have been sick this whole week. I left work early twice & yesterday stayed home all together. I lounged on the couch, slept a lot & binged watched Netflix, but then got very fidgety & bored. I had a big bag of shimmery white pipe cleaners that I had been wanting to make something out of, but I didn’t know what. I began playing with them & then knew what I wanted to make.

Pipe Cleaner Tiaras

So this is what happens when mommy stays home from work sick.

Grab two cleaners & twist them together. Do this again to another pair of cleaners.


Take both twisted pairs & twist them together at the ends so that they formed a circle. Tuck in the sharp edges.


Make another twisted pair & formed it into a bow.


With a single pipe cleaner, bind the bow to the circle by weaving it around the bow & the circle.


Fold a pipe cleaner in half & then twist it. Roll the cleaner so that it forms a shape as shown below. Do this again with another cleaner.


Use a pipe cleaner to bind each shape to the side of the bow & to the circle. Weave in and out. The better you bind it, the sturdier your crown.



Use another twisted pair. Fold it in half & then roll each end down & outward to form a shape like this.


Bind it right above the center of the bow.


Form a heart out of another twisted pair.


Line up the point of the heart behind the center of the bow & bind in place with a single cleaner.


Form two more curly shapes like shown & bind to each side of the heart and any other points that the shape meets. Weave in & out and always remember to tuck the sharp end in.

IMG_1390 IMG_1398 IMG_1399


Add colored pom poms to your tiara with a glue gun to add color. (As always use caution when operating a hot glue gun. It is recommended for adult use only.) If you still have sharp edges from your pipe cleaners, try dabbing the edge with just a bit of hot glue to cover the end.


I had so much fun with this one. I made a few more with different shapes & colors.

Pipe Cleaner Tiaras - For princess pretend play & dress up

Try your own designs. I surprised Mai when she came home from pre-school. She liked this one the best.

Her animals really liked them too.


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Pipe Cleaner Tiaras