Button Wind Chimes

Button Threaded Wind Chimes - Great for fine motor skills -spring craft for kids

My daughter is obsessed with threading buttons.  When she is bored she will just grab the box of buttons and thread one pipe cleaner after another.  I have a drawer full of button necklaces made by my sweet little girl. With spring around the corner, I thought that we could put those button stringing skills to some good use and make a new wind chime for our new home. For our purposes, we used pipe cleaners. You may do this with yarn or string as well.

What you will need:

2 paper bowls

A variety of buttons

Pipe cleaners –

A small Play-doh lid

A foam sheet in any color



Poke holes around the top of the paper bowl forming a circle. Poke one more hole through the center.


Pull a pipe cleaner through the center hole and bend at the top to secure. Poke a hole through the small Play-Doh lid & slide it up the pipe cleaner.


Cut 2 identical pieces of foam in any shape & glue the pieces together around the bottom part of your pipe cleaner.


Cut some of the pipe cleaners so that you have different lengths going around.

It did not take much convincing to get my daughter to start stringing up some pipe cleaners with the buttons for our wind chime. I had her only fill about 1/4 of the pipe cleaner& then we spread the buttons out. Poke each pipe cleaner through the hole in the bowl & bend at the top to secure.


Poke two holes in the other paper bowl & make a loop with another pipe cleaner like shown. Bend to secure underneath. Glue this bowl over the top of the other bowl. This will cover up all of the pipe cleaner knots on top of the other bowl & just make it look cleaner.


Find a spot to hang your wind chime.

Button Threaded Wind Chimes - Great fine motor spring craft for kids






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