Spice Painting

Expired Spices - _no problem. Use those spices for a little fun & messy art. Spice Painting for kids

I was cleaning out our spice cabinet the other day & digging out some of our very very expired spices to throw away. I have a hard time throwing anything away. The last time I had cleaned out my spice cabinet, I turned it into a fun and fragrant art project and made a spice owl, which I was pretty proud of. It was a fun, albeit messy project. I thought that our new collection of expired spices might make a fun project for my daughter as well.

I poured out the spices on a plate and poured some slightly watered down glue into a bowl.


I gave my daughter  a piece of thick card stock paper & some paint brushes.

She sniffed the spices & told me that they were stinky.

Expired Spices - _no problem. Use those spices for a little fun & messy art. Spice Painting for kids,

I set down a large piece of poster board to collect the mess that we were about to make. I laid our card stock out on top of it. We dipped our brushes into the glue & painted our paper. I opted to make a landscape picture, while my daughter took a more abstract approach. We have been learning a lot about abstract art & she actually told me that she was going to make an abstract picture.

IMG_6362 IMG_6365

Between brush strokes of glue. We would sprinkle our assorted spices on the paper. Mai had fun letting her brush drip on the paper & brushing the spices around.

IMG_6369 IMG_6370 IMG_6375 IMG_6377

I showed her how to shake off the extra spices back onto the plate to use again. The poster board helped collect our mess. I think she liked this part best.


When she was done. She explained that it was a dragon parade. I can see it.


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