Owl Shaped Breakfast

My daughter is a sweet girl most of the time, but mealtimes in our house are & have been a battle for quite some time. She is a very picky eater & mealtimes in our house are often very stressful. Over the years, I have found fun & creative ways to try to get her to eat. I have tried it all from reading to her while she eats to bite sized meals to fun food art.

Owl shaped breakfast - sunnyside up egg eyes, toast, cheese & bacon - creative food ideas for the kids

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I am an owl lover. I have owls all over our house & it turns out, my daughter is an owl lover too. I recently bought a set of silicone egg rings and have been dying to try them out & they were perfect for an owl inspired breakfast.

What you will need: 

2 eggs

1 piece of bread

1 piece of cheese

1 or 2 slices of bacon

1 baby carrot


Use a cookie cutter or cut a circle freehand out of your bread. I was able to use an egg ring for this.


Cut two triangles out of the remaining edges.


Crack both eggs & drop them into the silicone molds on a frying pan. We toasted our bread as well.


Place the round bread on a plate & place the eggs over the top edge of the bread once they are fully cooked. Cut a triangular sliver of carrot for the nose.


Add the bread triangles for ears & cut little owl feet out of the carrot. Fry a piece or two of bacon for branches to finish it off.

Owl shaped breakfast - sunnyside up egg eyes, toast, cheese & bacon - creative food ideas for the kids

Our adorable owl breakfast came out super cute & was delicious too.

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