Clay Fortune Cookies

Clay Fortune Cookies - Cute & easy to make - kid's can add their own special messages.

I had a birthday recently. All I wanted for my birthday was a quiet night at home and some Chinese food. We ordered a ton of food and with it came a lot of fortune cookies. My daughter liked the fortune cookies, but what she liked even better was the messages inside. She opened all of the cookies & asked me to read every one.

We thought we could try to make fortune cookies of our own out of clay. We tried making them out of polymer clay & also air dry clay.

They were pretty easy to make. We used colorful polymer clay first. Here is how we did it.

Use a little rolling-pin to roll out an oval shape. The shape does not need to be perfect.


Fold the oval in half over your thumb.


Push up in the center of the fold with your thumb & then fold the clay again towards you. Use your free thumb to indent into the fold. Bake your clay cookies according to the polymer clay directions.


Cut a long strip of foam sheet or paper & write your special message on it.

Clay Fortune Cookies - Cute & easy to make - kid's can add their own special messages.

Next we used the air dry clay. I wanted to make an extra-large one. It was molded the same way as the polymer. I left it to dry for a couple of days & then painted it & added our special message.

giant clay fortune cookie. A sweet kid's gift idea with a great message. Would make a great paperweight

These would make great gifts. They would work wonderfully as a paperweight.

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