Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelets

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Easy to make clay bangle bracelet craft for kids . Polymer arts & crafts - jewelry

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My daughter is truly a girly girl. Every day she wears a tutu. She even wears one over her pajamas. She loves tiaras, headbands & jewelry. A few weeks back we made some necklaces out of handmade clay pendants. They were fun to make & my munchkin loved them. Last week we made some bangle bracelets to go with them.

We started with a chunk of polymer clay in the color of our choosing. We rolled out the clay into a thin strip. We chose other colors that we wanted to blend in & rolled them out too and then rolled all the strips together. Roll & blend as much as you like to create the desired pattern. Once you have achieved the look that you like, join your two ends to form a circle. Use your eye or measure to decide how big of a ring you need to make to fit.

IMG_9874 IMG_9878IMG_9879 IMG_9880

Bake the bracelets according to package directions. These are so fun & easy to make. This is perfect for jewelry lovers of all ages.


Easy to make clay bangle bracelet craft for kids . Polymer arts & crafts - jewelry.

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