Yarn Wrapping Fine Motor Skills

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Fine motor activity for kids - use old puzzle pieces to wrap yarn. The notches in the pieces are perfect for wrapping.

We do not throw anything away in our house. Everything is a craft opportunity, so we hold on to it. I have a box full of old puzzle pieces. I pulled out the bag of old pieces & wanted to try to make a craft with them.


We were just about to start painting our puzzle pieces, when my daughter began wrapping one of the pieces in yarn. The puzzle pieces turned out to be perfect for this because of the notches around the pieces. She found a comfy seat on the couch and wrapped her puzzle pieces. “Look mama, I’m knitting.”


She worked on one & then went to another. We set the red one aside for a craft & the blue one she dragged through the house unraveling it along the way.

Fine motor activity for kids - use old puzzle pieces to wrap yarn..

With our red wrapped puzzle piece, we added a few buttons & pipe cleaners to form a lady bug craft.


Yarn wrapped puzzle piece lady bug arts and crafts project for kids,

This was a great fine motor activity for my little girl. She was so focused on it and had fun unraveling it too.

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