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There is a lot of negative feedback these days regarding crafting with children. I have been on the receiving end of some of this criticism. While I fully believe in the benefits of process art. I do not find anything wrong in doing arts and crafts with her too. We practice both. We have been painting, drawing and crafting together since before she was out of a high chair.


Through the years, we have worked with many different materials. In the beginning, I showed her many different crafts. If she was interested, we would work together and I would show her the different things that she could do. It opened her mind to many new options and ideas. My daughter has a beautifully creative mind. She draws freely everyday and paints pictures too, but still, she loves our craft time together.

Over the years, my daughter started to come up with many of our projects on her own. She has great ideas. I am sometimes in awe of the things that she comes up with. Check out the video I took of her latest idea.

Over the weekend, I filled up a tray with assorted craft supplies & just put them down on our craft table. Invitation accepted.


She jumped up and started grabbing at the supplies. “Mama, I need these,” she explained as she grabbed for the scissors. She started cutting and gluing and telling me all about her craft as created. She wanted to make a mama and baby alien.

IMG_2241 IMG_2243

She gave her baby a button for a binky & debated on hair, but decided that she was going to have a bald baby.


She glued her little alien baby to her mama’s arms. “Isn’t she cute, mama?”


Next, she used magic markers to color in craft sticks and the cut foam pieces and glued them to her sticks with buttons.


She explained to me that this was her Kazoo store. That had me in stitches.


As usual, she was fascinating to watch.

She even made a bracelet out of a pipe cleaner and buttons for me.


I look forward to many more years of crafting, painting and exchanging ideas with my daughter.

Open Ended Arts & Crafts for kids - invitation to create

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