5 Amazing How To Draw Books For Kids

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I may sound like a biased mom, probably because I am one, but I think that my 4 year old is an amazing little artist in the making. My 4 year old drew this great picture with the help of a wonderful how to draw book. See our favorite instructional books for kids and preschoolers. Great for budding artists.

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She loves to draw and I love watching her draw. As an artist myself, it is an amazing thing to see.



She is constantly trying to learn how to draw new things. She grabs random objects around the house and draws them. She pulls up pictures on her IPad and tries to reproduce them. She is always trying to sharpen her skills and I could not be more proud.

A great tool for my budding artist has been instructional books on drawing for kids.

This is a beautiful picture that my preschooler made thanks to one of these wonderful books.


Here are 5 amazing books for your young budding artists to try. These are great for preschoolers.

I Can Draw Animals by Usborne Playtime


How to Draw People by Barbara Soloff Levy


How to Draw Flowers by Barbara Soloff Levy


Complete FunPrint Drawing Book by Ed Emberley


Watch Me Draw by Jenna Winterberg


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