Christmas Roof Top Arts and Crafts

‘Up on the House Top’ was one of my favorite Christmas songs growing up. After playing it repeatedly the other day, we were inspired to make a few roof top art projects and a craft.

Here are a couple of mixed media pieces made with simple shapes.
Up on the roof top Christmas and winter artwork - mixed media arts and crafts projects for kids - paint, construction paper

The simple shapes and lines of the mixed media art gave me an idea for a simple craft.

What you will need:

Three jumbo craft sticks

Four regular craft sticks

Red acrylic paint

Black Sharpie

School glue


Construction paper


Glue the three jumbo sticks together to form a triangle roof.  Cut two regular sized craft sticks in half. Use three of the halves of the regular craft sticks to form a chimney for your roof.

Paint the craft sticks red and let them dry.

Once they are completely dry, use a Sharpie to draw brick lines around each stick.

Glue pieces of cotton to the roof top and chimney.

To form the Santa legs, cut about 1/3 off of two regular sized sticks and then paint the 2/3 portion in half black and half red. Cut an oval out of black construction paper and glue to the black end to form boots and glue a strip of cotton to the area where the black and red paint meet. Glue the Santa legs to the back of the chimney. Glue a piece of yarn to the back and let the glue dry completely.

Hang on your tree for a cute homemade ornament.

Popsicle Stick Roof Top Ornament with Santa stuck in the chimney - Christmas arts and crafts. Crafts stick projects for kids

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