Leaf Peacock Nature Craft

It is amazing the beautiful things that you can create with nature materials. Whether you are painting nature items or leaving them natural in your crafts, the results are amazing. We love using leaves in our crafts. There is a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, so your possibilities are endless. Peacocks are a favorite of ours, so it was only a matter of time that we made a nature peacock. This easy leaf peacock is gorgeous and includes a free printable template for your convenience.

leaf peacock nature craft with printable template - kids arts and crafts projects made with painted leaves

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What you will need:

Teardrop shaped leaves

Acrylic paint

Construction paper

School glue

Black Sharpie

Modge Podge

Peacock Printable

Gather medium teardrop shaped leaves. Choose smooth flat leaves with no rips or holes in them. Snip any stems off. Paint a bronze or light brown circle at the rounded end of each leaf.

Paint a light green ring around your circle. Allow a little time in between each step for the paint to dry.

Paint a baby blue arch at the top of each bronze circle.

Add a dab of blue paint under the arch and allow your leaves to dry.

Cut the body shape out onto a piece of blue construction paper. You can choose to use our printable or cut out a design of your own.

Cut out the eye parts and the beak.

Glue the body onto a piece of paper.

Glue on the eye parts and the beak.

Use a Sharpie to draw in an eyeball.When the paint on the leaves are dry, glue them onto the body to form the feathers. Be sure to use enough glue so that the leaves glues flat so when they dry they do not curl up. You can also brush a bit of Modge Podge to help preserve them and keep them flat.

leaf peacock nature craft with printable template - kids arts and crafts projects made with painted leaves

Draw in or glue small flowers to the head to form the head plumage.

We used watered down acrylics to paint a background when we were done. Didn’t this come out lovely?

leaf peacock nature craft - kids arts and crafts projects made with painted leaves

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