Bleeding Tissue Peacocks

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A couple of days ago, we had one of our regular library trips. As per usual, we spent a couple of hours looking through & selecting our books for the next couple of weeks and playing. My daughter found a lovely pop-up picture book about peacocks.Bleeding Tissue Paper Art - Peacock arts & crafts for kids

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She was very excited about it. We looked through it & I thought that I had added to our pile, but much to both of our disappointments, when we returned home the book was not in our collection of books. My daughter was very disappointed & I felt terrible. To top it off, I did not know what the title of the book was or the author to get it for the next time. The peacock book had one large accordion-like pop-up, so I thought I could make one for my daughter. It was a simple craft & my daughter liked it.

Construction paper fan peacock craft - kid's arts & crafts

Later that same day, she asked if we could do a project. When I asked her what she wanted to make, it of course had to be a peacock. We had just bought some bleeding tissue paper and I was excited to use it.

My initial idea was to spread out circles of blue tissue on a piece of watercolor paper & put a larger red circle over it. My hope was that the blue would transfer & the red would leave a ring around it. Unfortunately, for my daughter’s version this did not work. The colors bled & just the red showed up. This did not seem to bother my daughter at all though.

We used a spray bottle & lightly sprayed the paper. My daughter placed her circles around the paper.



After she placed all of her circles, we tore up a sheet of green tissue paper & spread them around the circles.



When she finished placing all of her pieces, she sprayed the top of the tissue paper to help bleed the color. You should let the paper dry entirely before removing the tissue. My daughter got antsy & could not wait, so she removed it a little early &  some of her color ran, but again, she did not mind at all. She was so excited to glue her head & body in place. I told her that the paper needed to dry more before gluing the body to the paper. She jumped up & picked up her damp paper & held it in front of the air conditioner to try to dry it quicker.


She glued her body, eyes & beak to the paper and drew in a crown for her “peacock princess.” It came out adorable & she was pretty happy with her finished craft.


I made one as well, but this time left out the red circles. As much as we loved our peacock projects, I hope that I will be able to find that lovely picture book again. Wish me luck.

Bleeding Tissue Paper Art - Peacock arts & crafts for kids.


Folded construction paper fan peacock - arts & crafts for kids

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