Pointillism Fall Leaf Art

Pointillism is a fun painting technique that is also great for working on fine motor skills.

My little girl’s love for the great artists keeps growing and growing. I for one am overjoyed. I love that my five year old is so eager to learn everything that she can about them. Her newest interest is George Seurat and his style of painting. Pointillism is an impressionist style of painting using small dots instead of brush strokes.Pointillism fall leaf art inspired by Seurat. Impressionism and painting for kids

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My daughter spent a recent afternoon practicing her Pointillism skills with gel pens. I thought this was amazing and it gave me an idea. I asked her if she wanted to try a painting project using Pointillism. She did! She mentioned how tired her arms had gotten while making her picture. Keeping this in mind, I thought that working on a smaller canvas would be a good idea. I cut a piece of watercolor paper into quarters. Each quarter would be a postcard sized canvas.

My idea was to trace leaves and make a fall leaf painting using the Pointillism technique. My daughter liked the leaf idea, but changed it up a bit.

See how both of our ideas came out.

First, we went outside and gathered a few different shaped leaves. I placed a leaf onto one of the quarters and traced it.

I used a Q-tip to dab on the veins using small dots.

Then I chose a different color and filled in the inside of the rest of the leaf drawing.

I layered different colored dots on top of the main color of the leaf.

My picture was finished off my adding a blue dotted background.

These were so much fun. I made a few.

Pointillism fall leaf art inspired by Seurat. Impressionism and painting for kidsMy daughter wanted to make Pointillism leaves too, but she wanted to do it directly on the leaves. Genius! They came out beautiful.

Pointillism fall leaf art inspired by Seurat. Impressionism and painting for kids

Her painting didn’t stop there. She is still playing around with this technique and having fun with it.

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