Say Yes To One More Book by Kim Uliana

‘Say Yes To One More Book’ by Kim Uliana

I have had a lot of bad luck in the past few years with people plagiarizing my poems and quotes. My most popular and copied poem was and still is “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, It does not matter if I’m short or tall.’

This one is now a close second. It saddens me, but at the same time it is wonderful that the words resonate with so many people.

This is one of my favorite poems and it all still rings true to me today. My little girl is growing more independent every day. I am savoring all of these moments and reminding myself

to always…

Say yes to one more book,

one more hug,

one more kiss tonight.

Tuck them in,

snuggle them &

ease all of their frights.

Cause one day, you will try to tuck

them in & they’ll be grown.

They will smile & say to you

they can do it on their own.

Poem by Kim Uliana (The Pinterested Parent)


Say yes to one more book, one more hug, one more kiss goodnight poem by Kim Uliana The Pinterested Parent

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