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Snow Angel Craft

The snow has hit us in New England. My little girl has had 3 snow days in the past two weeks.. And we have already had us a ton of snowy fun. One of my daughter’s favorites snowy day activities is making snow angels. There are snow angels all around our yard. Those adorable little angel prints inspired today’s fun snow angel craft.

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Paper Plate Cloud Guy Craft

If your kids are Trolls fan, you have to try this cute and funny paper plate craft inspired by Cloud Guy.

We bought the movie Trolls last week. Since we bought it, we have watched it three or four times. My daughter loves those adorable Trolls, but our favorite character is by far the cloud. His part is a small one, but it is memorable.  She loves him so much, that a Cloud Guy craft was a must.

Paper Plate Craft inspired by Cloud Guy character from the Dreamworks movie Trolls. Kid's arts and crafts

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The “Cloud Guy” looked like a simple enough character to make, so I wanted to make one with my daughter.

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Toilet Paper Tube North Pole Scenes

toilet paper tube snowman, Santa, penguin at the North Pole. Recyclable cardboard roll arts & crafts for kids for winter and Christmas

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This weekend my husband and I got out for a very rare date night. The movie Elf is a favorite of both of ours. They had a musical version of Elf in the city & we just had to go see it, so we called in Nana for the night and went out for a much needed date.


The musical was wonderful. The cast did a spectacular job. The songs were cute, catchy and well performed, but I was most impressed with the scenes. Maybe it is the Christmas lover in me, but the North Pole scenes & the Christmas in the city really got me. They also inspired some North Pole craft ideas that I couldn’t wait to do.

What you will need:

Toilet Paper Tubes

Egg Carton

Paper Bowl


Construction paper or foam

Popsicle stick

Cotton balls


Googly eyes



Pipe cleaner

Small regular pieces of cardboard


I had three North Pole characters in mind, Santa (of course), a snowman & a penguin.  I painted all of the pieces first to allow time for all of them to dry, but here is a break down of each craft.


Penguin at the North Pole

  1. Paint a toilet paper tube in all black. I realized later that I needed to paint the inside as well. Let the paint dry.
  2. Squeeze glue on about 2/3 of the tube & spread cotton over it in an oval shape.
  3. Cut flippers out of black construction paper or use foam, as it is sturdier. Cut a beak and feet out of orange. Glue them into place & add googly eyes.
  4. Cut a small slit into the side of a paper bowl. Slide a Popsicle stick into it & glue into place. Cut a piece of cardboard into a small rectangle. Write North Pole on the sign & glue it to the top of the Popsicle stick. Glue the penguin to the bowl. Glue stretched out cotton balls all over the bowl & around the penguin and the sign. Add a small line of cotton to the top of the sign.



toilet paper tube penguin at the North Pole. Recyclable cardboard roll arts & crafts for kids for winter and Christmas

Santa at the North Pole

  1. Paint 3/4 of a toilet paper tube red & the rest in black. Paint the pointy separator of the egg carton red & let all dry.
  2. Glue the egg carton portion to the top of the red end of the tube.
  3. Glue a ring of cotton around the bottom of the egg carton & at the point right above where the red & black meet.
  4. Cut a small oval shape out of flesh-toned paper. Add googly eyes to the oval shape & paint in cheeks a small nose & a mouth. Glue it right under the hat.
  5. Glue stretched out cotton around the outside of his face and between his nose & mouth to form a mustache and beard. Add a small cotton ball to the top of his hat.
  6. Draw in buttons on Santa’s coat.
  7. Follow the steps in step 4 from the penguin craft above to finish off the craft.





Snowman at the North Pole

  1. Paint a toilet paper tube in white. Paint a piece of egg carton in black. Let them dry.
  2. Draw the snowman’s face in with a Sharpie & paint in the carrot nose with orange paint.
  3. Cut a black circle a bit larger than the egg carton piece out of black construction paper or foam & glue the egg carton to the the center of it. Let dry.
  4. Glue the hat to the top of the snowman.
  5. Cut a piece of ribbon to use as a scarf. Glue it into place.
  6. Glue pipe cleaners in place for the arms.
  7. Follow step #4 from the penguin craft to finish off your craft.



toilet paper tube snowman at the North Pole. Recyclable cardboard roll arts & crafts for kids for winter and Christmas

These were so much fun & cute to make, I wanted to make more.

toilet paper tube snowman, Santa, penguin at the North Pole. Recyclable cardboard roll arts & crafts for kids for winter and Christmas


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Cupcake Liner Baseball & Cotton Ball Cotton Candy Craft

3D Cupcake Liner Baseball Craft

This weekend we took our daughter to her first Red Sox game.

11888115_10206201492709535_4359063993043574792_n (1)

Having watched the games with her father since the day that she was born, she was excited to go to Fenway. On the drive there, she clapped & cheered as she saw signs with the Red Sox logo on them.

In the park, she had equal enthusiasm as she saw the popcorn & lemonade & witnessed her first live home run.


It was an exciting day for all of us & we might have created a Sox fan for life. To celebrate our trip to the ball park, we made a quick & easy baseball craft.

Cupcake Liner Baseball

All you will need for this is a white cupcake liner, a red & black marker and light brown & green construction paper.


Spread out your liner slightly, but do not flatten.

Draw two curved lines on either end of the liner in black marker.


Draw the stitches over the black lines with the red marker. Mai drew in her lines & I did mine.

IMG_5818 IMG_5800

Draw & cut a bat out of the brown construction paper.


Glue the bat to a green piece of construction paper. Glue the liner baseball to the paper as well, only apply the glue to the outside edges & glue it so that the liner is still puffed out in the center.

3D Cupcake Liner Baseball Craft

Mai added a ball player & a background to her craft.



We finished our baseball craft, but we weren’t quite finished with “our day at the ball park” inspired crafts. We still had one more in us.

Mai ate a lot of junk at the game. It is all part of the experience after all.



I had asked Mai what her favorite part of going to the game was. She told me that it was the cotton candy.

After she told me this, I wanted us to make a cotton candy craft using cotton balls, so we squeezed in one more craft.

Cotton Ball Cotton Candy Craft

All you will need for this craft is a piece of construction paper for your base, a piece of white construction paper (scrap will work good because you only need a small piece), pastel colored paint, glue, a magic marker & cotton balls.


Cut a long skinny triangle out of white construction paper. Draw diagonal lines on it with a magic marker.


Place your paint on a palette. Draw in the cotton candy shape over the cone to give a guideline to your child for where to place the cotton balls. You can either dip the cotton balls in the paint & then glue them into place over your cone or you may glue them first & then dab them with a paint brush later.

IMG_5822 IMG_5824

This is a simple craft for your child that is a great exercise in fine motor skills. That & it is cute.

Cotton Ball Cotton Candy Craft

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Toilet Paper Roll Poodle

Toilet Paper Roll Poodle


There is something about poodles. They are so grand and elegant. My daughter has a cute poodle purse that hangs on the door knob in her room. I was looking at it today while we were playing in her bedroom and I felt an overwhelming need to make a poodle.

What you will need:

2 toilet paper rolls

Mini cotton balls

3 cake pop sticks

Construction paper or foam

Acrylic paint


Glue gun (For adult use)



Paint two toilet paper tubes in white or any other color that you would want your poodle to be. Cut one tube for the body & cut a smaller section for the neck. Cut them at a slant on one end.


Poke 4 holes into the larger tube where you would like your legs to be.


Cut 2 cake pop sticks in half & poke all 4 stick pieces into the holes.


Cut a head out of construction paper & draw in the face.


Cut out the ears.


Glue the neck to the top of the body with the slant on top & facing away from the body. Glue the head over the neck hole opening.


Glue cotton balls over the ear pieces & then glue the pieces to the side of the head.


Fill the openings on either end of the body with cotton balls & glue more balls around the edge. Make sure to keep the center of the body bare. Add another half piece of cake pop stick to the rear. Glue a couple of cotton balls around the tip to form the tail.


Stretch out a cotton ball as shown & glue around the bottom of a leg & repeat with the other 3 legs.


IMG_3397 IMG_3395

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Bunny Tail Craft

Paper plate or paper bowl cotton tail Easter bunny craft for kids. Arts and crafts


My daughter loves crafts that allow her to play with glue. We have bottles of glue in our house & she just loves getting her paws on them whenever she gets a chance. Tonight I thought we could make little bunny bottoms. It would give her a chance to use some glue & play with fluffy cotton, which I thought she would love.

What you will need:

Paper bowl

Cotton balls


Construction paper



Glue cotton balls all around the bowl.


After you have covered the bowl, add extra cotton to the middle to form the bunny tail.


Cut out two ovals for the foot paws.


Cut out a pink oval & 3 circles for each foot & then glue them into place to form the bunny paws.


Cut out ears & glue them under the bowl in place.


Glue the feet into place & let dry.

Easter bunny tail craft with paper bowl or plate & cotton balls

To be honest, Mai did not take to this craft. When I told her that we were making bunny bums, she laughed. She grabbed her bowl & grabbed her glue. She added one cotton ball to the middle of the bowl & said “I done, mama.” That looks great too, baby.


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Footprint Easter Bunny Craft

Foot print Easter Bunny craft I just never get sick of my daughter’s cute little piggies. There is just something so cute about baby feet. With time racing by, she is quickly becoming less of a baby & more of a little girl. Mommy needs to preserve all these baby moments while I can. With Easter nearing, I thought it time for our first Easter craft.

What you will need:

Poster board

Plain white paper


Paint brush


Cotton Balls


Paper plate


Spread paint on a paper plate.


Dip your child’s feet in the paint.


Press the paint covered foot on a piece of paper. Repeat with the other foot & let dry. Cut out the feet prints.


Sketch out your bunny around the baby’s feet, using the feet as bunny feet


Draw some egg shapes on a piece of paper & have your child paint on it.


Cut out the eggs & set aside.


Glue the eggs to the chest where the hands would be holding them.


Cut out two oval shapes as hands & glue them down over the eggs to make it appear as if they are holding them. Draw lines on the paws.


Paint/color your bunny’s ears, eyes, nose & tummy. Outline the mouth & whiskers.



Squeeze glue on to the parts that you want fluffy, like the bunny ears.


Spread cotton balls out across the glue.


My daughter loves gluing. This is a part that you can do together.



We chose to cut our bunny shape out & hang it on the refrigerator with magnets.


We also made a smaller one with floppy ears. This looks a little more like a floppy earred dog than a bunny, but I still think it came out pretty cute.


My daughter got a real kick out of making the paint foot prints. We made several set of foot prints because she thought it was so funny. We hung our craft on the refrigerator. Before bed this evening Mai ran up to it & said “Goodnight Bunny”. She is so cute.