Toilet Paper Tube Rainbow

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It has been quite a few months since I have last posted. My daughter has been keeping me busy with sports and all of her extra-curricular activities, but with the current state of the world right now, we are at home as many of you are. We hope that all are safe and healthy. I know many are looking for easy activities to do with their kiddos right now. I will try to post as many easy arts & crafts projects with easily accessible items. This toilet paper tube rainbow is simple to make to ring in the spring. Paper towel rolls will work as well. We love our recyclables.

Toilet Paper Tube Rainbow spring craft for the kids.
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What will you need:

Toilet paper tubes

Acrylic paint

Cotton balls

School glue

Toilet Paper Tube Rainbow Directions:

Cut a section off of a cardboard tube.

Snip the ring open so that it forms an arc.

Cut another section off of the cardboard tube the same width as the first. Slice the ring open again, but trim a little extra off the end so that it is a bit shorter than the first arc. Do this four more times so that you have a total of 6 stackable arcs.

Paint the first section in red acrylic paint. Make sure to paint on both sides and the edges. You can paint one side and let it dry before painting the other side to avoid too much of a mess on your hands. But, if you are a messy artist like us, just go for it.

Paint each piece in order using the remaining colors of the rainbow & then set them aside to let them dry.

Grab the red arc. Tear a cotton ball in half and glue a half to each side.

Stack your dry rainbow arcs underneath & voila a simple pretty rainbow.

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