Trim Santa’s Beard Cutting Activity

My daughter loves using scissors. She got her first pair of safety scissors when she was two. She loves cutting activities and crafts. Among some of her favorites were a simple paper plate hair cutting activity and a trim the Christmas tree one. Trim Santa's beard cutting activity for Christmas. A wonderful kid's arts and crafts and fine motor skill activity. A fun way to teach toddlers and preschoolers how to cut. Paper plate crafts.

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Working on scissor skills is great for your child’s fine motor skills and their hand eye coordination. Scissors are also a useful tool and if your child is anything like mine is, it is also a fun activity.

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Coiled Yarn Snowman

Coiled Yarn Snowman Craft - kid's arts and crafts for Christmas and winter. A great fine motor skill activity. Button embellishments

Earlier in the fall, my daughter and I made autumn trees by coiling yarn and pipe cleaners. The trees came out so beautiful and were a wonderful fine motor activity for my little girl.

Heading into winter and with snow on its way this week, I wanted to try another coiled yarn project for the winter. Snowmen were a perfect idea for this method. Here’s how…

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Yarn Wrapped Broomsticks

 Halloween is a favorite holiday in our house. My daughter is very theatrical and loves to play dress up and, of course, she loves the candy as well.Yarn wrapped witches' brooms crafts for Halloween. A great fine motor skill activity and kid's crafts. Arts & craft for preschoolers.

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Last year, my daughter was a witch and while she outgrew her costume, she still uses her witch’s broom and hat all of the time.


As she played with it the other day, it gave me a fun idea for a Halloween craft for us.

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Button Threading Activity & Craft

Stringing buttons for teaching fine motor skills & patterns

My daughter & I have always enjoyed crafting and drawing together, but ever since we have moved into our new house & we have a craft room of our very own, she downright loves it.

Kid's Play & Art Room Display Wall

With all of our supplies organized in shelves & bins finally and not just stuffed into a box, she has more freedom to make projects of her own. The other day, she grabbed a container full of buttons and some pipe cleaners & strung up a necklace. She did it again the next day, but that time with pasta. It was a wonderful thing to watch her so engaged. Sometimes, she strung up the buttons & pasta at random, other times she formed patterns.

Thread Button Necklaces For A Great Fine Motor Skill Activity & For Dress Up Play

 Last night she wanted to make button necklaces again. She asked me to cut out a heart to put in the middle of them for Valentine’s Day.

So, for the 3rd day in a row, my daughter made button necklaces. Mai strung up her necklaces & I made one too & per her request cut foam hearts to dangle from her new jewelry.




You will need to use two pipe cleaners twisted together to form a necklace. The heart was cut out of a piece of foam & strung up with a piece of yarn.

Threading buttons to make necklaces & bracelets. Great fine motor activity & craft and a great way to teach patterns as well

Threading buttons to make necklaces & bracelets. Great fine motor activity & craft

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