Button Threading Activity & Craft

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Stringing buttons for teaching fine motor skills & patterns

My daughter & I have always enjoyed crafting and drawing together, but ever since we have moved into our new house & we have a craft room of our very own, she downright loves it.

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With all of our supplies organized in shelves & bins finally and not just stuffed into a box, she has more freedom to make projects of her own. The other day, she grabbed a container full of buttons and some pipe cleaners & strung up a necklace. She did it again the next day, but that time with pasta. It was a wonderful thing to watch her so engaged. Sometimes, she strung up the buttons & pasta at random, other times she formed patterns.

Thread Button Necklaces For A Great Fine Motor Skill Activity & For Dress Up Play

 Last night she wanted to make button necklaces again. She asked me to cut out a heart to put in the middle of them for Valentine’s Day.

So, for the 3rd day in a row, my daughter made button necklaces. Mai strung up her necklaces & I made one too & per her request cut foam hearts to dangle from her new jewelry.




You will need to use two pipe cleaners twisted together to form a necklace. The heart was cut out of a piece of foam & strung up with a piece of yarn.

Threading buttons to make necklaces & bracelets. Great fine motor activity & craft and a great way to teach patterns as well

Threading buttons to make necklaces & bracelets. Great fine motor activity & craft

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