Black Glue Watercolor Seashells

Have you ever tried black glue art? It is a glorious technique with bold and eye-popping results.  This process is perfect for preschoolers to adults. There are endless possibilities. Create something funky and abstract or choose your favorite subject or theme and just go with it. If you are looking for a little inspiration, here is a tutorial on black glue seashells, as well as a wonderful collection of ocean inspired black glue projects. Enjoy!

Printable Black Glue and Watercolor Seashells. Black glue is a beautiful technique with gorgeous results. Sea shell and ocean art. Summer arts and crafts for kids

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Sea Star

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Sea Star. How beautiful and glittery you are.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as watching your children create. It is a fascinating and beautiful thing. My little girl and I spend a lot of time creating together, but my favorite projects are the ones that she comes up with on her own. This lovely sea star was one of her ideas and she was so eager to share it with me.Glitter Sea Star on watercolor paints. Use salt for an additional effect. Under the sea arts and crafts projects for kids and preschoolers. Twinkle, twinkle, little sea star underwater painting

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Cupcake Liner Whale Craft

cupcake liner whale craft - cute summer arts & craft project for the kids


This weekend we had fun making a whale diaper cake for my cousin’s baby shower. Mai was very excited watching me construct the cake & she was even more excited to see all of the other whale themed gifts at the shower. “I like whales too! They are my favorite.” At least for this weekend that might be true. Since whales are her new favorite, we decided to continue with the whale theme & made a cupcake liner whale craft.

We started with 2 cupcake liners in a light shade of blue. We glued a full liner & then one that was cut into a squared off crescent shape.


Glue a darker shade of blue over the lighter as shown.


Cut a tail out of the darker blue liner.


Add a fin, googly eyes & a spout to finish your craft.


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Cupcake Liner Seahorses

Cupcake Liner Seahorses


It has been a rough week in our home. I had gall bladder surgery this week & have been sore & very tired. After several days of lying around on the couch, I am just plain bored. I mustered up just enough energy today to make a quick craft. Mai wanted to make seahorses. Mommy wanted to make them out of cupcake liners, but Mai decided she rather draw hers.


She did not want to partake in today’s craft with mommy, but still we worked side by side. She drew a beautiful picture, while I made the seahorse craft. Sometimes she likes to just watch & it helps give her ideas for future projects of her own.


This was luckily a quick & easy craft that only took me a few minutes & then I was back on the couch resting.

All you will need for this craft is mini cupcake liners, glue & googly eyes.

You will need 4 mini cupcake liners for each seahorse.

Fold & glue a cupcake liner in half for the body.


Fold & glue another liner & trim the ridged part away from the inside of the liner. This liner will be used to form the tail.


Use the leftover inside piece to form the curl of the tail.

IMG_2796 IMG_2797

Fold another in half & trim to form a seahorse head.


Fold a liner into half twice to form the fin & glue all pieces in place as shown.


Add a googly eye to finish him off. Use crayons or markers to add water waves or bubbles.

Cupcake Liner Seahorses

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