Styrofoam Print Making

Styrofoam paint printing stamping activity for kids - arts & crafts projects for children

A funny thing happened at dinner out with my family last night. My daughter ordered a milk, which they served to her in a to-go cup. When she finished her milk, she asked me to take it home for her. “Mama, I can make a craft out of it.” This made my night. I did bring home the cup. We rinsed it out & set it aside to dry for another day.

We did not make our cup craft last night, but we did use our take-out container for a simple & fun art project.


Styrofoam printing is fun for kids & adults. We used a take-out container, but a Styrofoam plate would be perfect for this as well. Use a blunt tipped pencil and press into the Styrofoam to create a design. Press hard enough to create a good indent in your foam, but not too hard that it busts through. Once you have created your design, paint over your Styrofoam in a thin layer of paint & press onto a piece of paper. Press firmly all the way around & lift to reveal your print. It is that easy.

Styrofoam paint printing and stamping activity for kids - arts & crafts projects for children

I was excited we were able to put our container to good use, now I can’t wait to see what kind of creation my daughter makes out of her cup. Stay tuned.

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Styrofoam paint printing stamping activity for kids . Arts & crafts projects for children.

Styrofoam Ball Necklace

Painted Styrofoam Ball Necklace

Painted Styrofoam Ball Dress up necklace - fine motor activity and craft for kids

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Like many little girls, my daughter loves to play dress up. She loves putting on her princess dresses & trying to walk in mommy’s high heels and she loves jewelry too. Lately, she has been enjoying threading buttons & pasta and anything else she can get her hands on to make necklaces for me & her to wear. Yesterday, we added Styrofoam to that list too.

We grabbed a handful of 2″ Styrofoam balls out of our craft supplies & then one larger one. I poked a wooden skewer into each to make it easier for painting & drying.


Hold on to the skewer & use acrylic paints to paint around each ball.

IMG_4980 IMG_4977

Put the skewers in a deep container ball side up & let them stand to dry.


Once dry, remove the skewer & use a plastic yarn needle to poke through the existing hole & string up your painted Styrofoam.


Threading Styrofoam balls for fine motor activity & necklace craft

Tie a knot at the end to finish it off.

Just look at that smile.


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Snow Man Ornament

DIY Snow man Christmas ornament

This has been a crazy holiday season for us. If you are a regular follower, you know that we are in the process building a house. We have been staying with my husband’s aunt during the build. She has a finished basement that has become our temporary home. We realized the other day that it is very possible that we will not make it into our home before Christmas, which means we will not be able to put up our Christmas tree. This made me a little sad. My husband suggested that we purchase a small Charlie Brown Christmas tree & that Mai and I could make all the decorations ourselves. That sounded like a wonderful idea.

I had bought a few clear plastic bulbs for us a few weeks ago to use for homemade ornaments & last night decided to make our first one.


What you will need:

A small clear plastic Christmas ornament

A Styrofoam ball smaller than the ornament & another for crumbling

White paint

Any colored felt


Black foam sheet

Glue gun (Always use caution when operating a glue gun)



Take a mini Styrofoam ball & crumble it up with your hand until it is in fine flakes.


Remove the top of the clear ornament & paint  it with white paint & generously sprinkle the Styrofoam on the wet paint.


Stick a marker in the ornament & put it in a cup to let it dry.


Run a bead of hot glue around the opening of the painted ornament & press a Styrofoam ball into the ball as far as it can go. Then push the ornament top into the top of Styrofoam ball.


Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner for the nose & fold it in half & press into the middle of the Styrofoam. Cut out small round pieces of black foam for the coal for the eyes and mouth. Glue into place.


Cut a long piece of felt& snip the edges so the are frayed. Wrap around the neck & tie like a scarf.


Glue on buttons to finish it off.


This will make a lovely addition to our little tree. I can’t wait to make more ornaments today with my little girl to fill it.

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Peppa Pig Craft

Peppa Pig Craft made out of styrofoam ball & recyclables.

Ever since my daughter first began feeding herself she has been a challenge at mealtimes. We became creative in order to keep her little bottom planted in her seat & interested in her food. Our most successful method was to read to her. She loved being read to during her meals. She still does. The deal is, if she wants us to keep reading, she has to keep eating. Her new favorite mealtime read is Peppa Pig & the Great Vacation.


“I love Peppa Pig, mama!”
“I know you do.”

I told her that after we finished eating that we could make a Peppa craft, so we did.

What you will need:

Styrofoam ball

Egg carton section

Dixie cup

Pink & red acrylic paint

Pink foam sheet or construction paper

Googly eyes

Glue gun (For adult use)



Glue the section of egg carton to the styrofoam ball.


Paint the styrofoam & egg carton in pink.


Paint a circle of darker pink on the ball for a cheek & put aside to dry. The styrofoam may take a little while to dry. We used a hair dryer to quicken the process,


Paint a Dixie cup in red & let dry.


Cut ears & arms out of the pink foam or construction paper.


Glue the ears to the head. Draw in a mouth & add googly eyes.


Glue the head to the bottom end of the Dixie cup & glue the arms onto the cup to complete your Peppa.


Now Peppa can sit with us at dinner while we read about her great vacation.

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Q-Tip Porcupine

Q-tip porcupine craft

Styrofoam is a fun crafting material to have around the house. It is great for toddler & kid friendly activities & crafts. We have a styrofoam cone in our house that our daughter loves to play with. She sticks yarn to it & loves to poke different things into it. We had some styrofoam eggs to use & tonight decided to make porcupines out of them.

Q-Tip Porcupine Craft

What you will need:

A styrofoam egg


Construction paper or foam

Magic markers

Q-tips cut in half



Tap your egg with paint & let dry.


Cut a head, little feet & a tail out of construction paper or foam. Draw a face on the head.


Glue your cut-outs in place.


Stick your cut Q-tips into the porcupine’s back to make quills.



You may paint the tips of your quills when you are done to add a little extra color or just leave the quills white.


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