Clothespin Horse Unicorn

These clothespin horses are a fun craft and are great to use in pretend play. Make a whole stable full of different horses.

Clothespins and craft sticks are two things that work well together. Just play around with them a little and see. You can use them in learning activities, engineering opportunities and many wonderful crafts. We love these clothespin horses and unicorns. These are so easy to make and are simply adorable.Clothespin horse and unicorn craft with printable head template. Kid's arts and crafts ideas.

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Footprint Animal Crafts A-Z Featuring U, V & W

Footprint Crafts from A - Z featuring U, V & W

Last night we tackled U, V & W in our footprint animal crafts from A-Z. That leaves us with only 3 more letters. These last few letters leave us with very few options. We opted to make a mythical animal for our U because of our lack of choices. Mai wanted a rainbow colored unicorn, so that is what we did. Here is how.

U is for Unicorn

Start by painting your child’s foot in the colors of the rainbow.


Press the painted foot onto a piece of paper.


Paint in a rainbow mane, ears & the unicorn’s horn.


Paint in the tail & legs. I actually messed up on the legs. Here is a little trick if you mess up on one of these crafts & don’t want to start over. Cut around the project, leaving out the error & glue it down to a piece of paper in the same color.


Paint or draw in the face with markers to finish it off.

Footprint Unicorn - Footprint crafts from A - Z U is for Unicorn

V is for Vulture

Paint your child’s foot in red & black as shown.


Paint in the hind feathers on the side.


Paint in the beak & feet and use white paint to paint in neck feathers.


Dab on the whites of the eyes & outline the feathers. Use a marker to draw in the facial details.

Footprint Vulture - Footprint Crafts A - Z V is for Vulture

W is for Walrus

Paint your child’s foot in brown & press onto a piece of paper.


Paint in the cheeks & nose and then the mouth & tusks.


Dab in the whites of the eyes & paint in the flippers. Use a marker to draw in whiskers & nostrils.


Paint in the eyeballs & paint in the tips of the flippers.

Footprint Walrus - Footprint Crafts from A - Z W is for Walrus

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