Footprint Animal Crafts A-Z Featuring U, V & W

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Footprint Crafts from A - Z featuring U, V & W

Last night we tackled U, V & W in our footprint animal crafts from A-Z. That leaves us with only 3 more letters. These last few letters leave us with very few options. We opted to make a mythical animal for our U because of our lack of choices. Mai wanted a rainbow colored unicorn, so that is what we did. Here is how.

U is for Unicorn

Start by painting your child’s foot in the colors of the rainbow.


Press the painted foot onto a piece of paper.


Paint in a rainbow mane, ears & the unicorn’s horn.


Paint in the tail & legs. I actually messed up on the legs. Here is a little trick if you mess up on one of these crafts & don’t want to start over. Cut around the project, leaving out the error & glue it down to a piece of paper in the same color.


Paint or draw in the face with markers to finish it off.

Footprint Unicorn - Footprint crafts from A - Z U is for Unicorn

V is for Vulture

Paint your child’s foot in red & black as shown.


Paint in the hind feathers on the side.


Paint in the beak & feet and use white paint to paint in neck feathers.


Dab on the whites of the eyes & outline the feathers. Use a marker to draw in the facial details.

Footprint Vulture - Footprint Crafts A - Z V is for Vulture

W is for Walrus

Paint your child’s foot in brown & press onto a piece of paper.


Paint in the cheeks & nose and then the mouth & tusks.


Dab in the whites of the eyes & paint in the flippers. Use a marker to draw in whiskers & nostrils.


Paint in the eyeballs & paint in the tips of the flippers.

Footprint Walrus - Footprint Crafts from A - Z W is for Walrus

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