Transforming Ladybug Butterfly Craft

Insect crafts are always a hit for the spring and summer. This transforming insect craft is so cute and simple to make. This is an easy craft that is fun to make and even funner to play with. Transform a ladybug or a bumble bee into a colorful butterfly with just a twist of the wrist. […]

Blow paint creatures with printables - this is such a fun way for the kids to paint. Make a jellyfish, unicorn, lion, butterfly or a peacock. Arts & crafts for kids and preschoolers.

Blow Paint Art Creatures

Last week, my daughter and I had a ton of fun making straw blown peacocks. The response was overwhelming and I received a few requests for additional ideas. We are always up for a challenge and were excited to play with this technique some more. So, here are a few more blow paint creatures with […]

Stained Glass Butterfly Pancakes

My daughter loves pancakes. We make pancakes together every weekend. Sometimes they are just plain pancakes, sometimes she wants apples in them & others it is chocolate chips and on occasion she asks for pancakes in the shapes of her favorite things, like princess pancakes. *This post contains an affiliate link for convenience* She had […]

Recycled Puzzle Butterfly Craft & Sunday’s Best Link Up #14

  Yesterday we worked on our sight words using puzzle pieces. We worked on our sight word puzzles for a good portion of the morning. I have to admit that it paid off. I could not have been any happier when later that afternoon, Mai ran up to me with a drawing that she had […]

Butterfly Potato Stamps

With the spring nearing and the weather warming, I thought that a spring craft was in order. When I think of spring, I, of course, think of the flowers, of the rain and I think of butterflies. We are big fans of paint stamping. We have used potatoes, apples, marshmallows and other odds and ends to make prints. […]

Pasta Butterflies & Angels Crafts

My daughter is fascinated by older children. When we are out in public she will very boldly approach an older child and strike up a conversation. The other day she ran up to a boy around the age of 6 & said “Hey boyfriend, hold hands.” This brought a chuckle from her mother & I, […]