Clothespin Horse Unicorn

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These clothespin horses are a fun craft and are great to use in pretend play. Make a whole stable full of different horses.

Clothespins and craft sticks are two things that work well together. Just play around with them a little and see. You can use them in learning activities, engineering opportunities and many wonderful crafts. We love these clothespin horses and unicorns. These are so easy to make and are simply adorable.Clothespin horse and unicorn craft with printable head template. Kid's arts and crafts ideas.

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What you will need:

4 Clothespins

Jumbo craft stick

Acrylic paint

Foam sheet


Tacky glue

Googly eyes

Mini cupcake liner

Printable Horse Unicorn Template


Paint the clothespins and the craft stick in the color of your choice. Make sure to paint all sides of the clothespins and open the clothespins a few times while they are drying to make sure that they do not dry shut. Paint both sides of the craft sticks as well. Set them aside on wax paper to dry.

Print out the printable template and cut the head shape out of a piece of foam sheet. Glue a googly eye onto both sides of the head and line the front and back of the top of the horse’s head with tacky glue.

Cut strands of yarn and wrap the strands around the horse’s head like a mane.

Cut strands of yarn and glue them to one end of the painted craft stick to form a tail.

Clip the clothespins onto the craft stick in two upside down “v” shapes. Clip the head onto the body.

Fold a mini cupcake liner over the middle of the horse to form a saddle. Your horse is now ready to play.

Clothespin horse and unicorn craft with printable head template. Kid's arts and crafts ideas.

If you are the mood for something a little more magical, cut out the unicorn template and try a rainbow spectrum of color for the mane.

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