A First For A Father & Daughter

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0171There are many memorable events over the course of one’s life. From the time that you are born you are creating memories. As an infant the memories you create are more for your parents then for yourself; the first time you roll over, your first laugh, those first steps & your first word. As you get older those firsts continue to be important; the first time you ride a bike, your first crush, your first kiss & even the difficult firsts like the first time you get your heart broken. Today was a first for my daughter and my husband. It was the first time that either of them went to the circus. Alright, alright, I realize that this is not a major milestone, but it was certainly a most memorable day for our whole family. We arrived to the circus early. We were greeted by clowns and a music played by a glockenspiel before walking into the building.

Mai gives attitude to the sad clown hobo.

Inside Mai’s face lit up with delight at the sight of balloons, glow sticks and elephant rides. I was nervous that with all of these distractions that we would never keep her in her seat, but we settled into our seats and she happily snacked on popcorn and waited for the show to begin.   0291   0401 Over the course of the next 2 1/2 hours, we were entertained and awed by acrobats, jugglers, wild animals, plate spinners and daring stunts. Nobody was more awed than I. With my daughter’s short attention span, I went to the circus just being hopeful that she would make it through a half hour of the show. I had visions of running out of the big top with a screaming toddler. This was not the case. She loved every aspect of the show. She laughed at the clowns and oohed and awed over the sparkling ladies on the trapeze. She yelled & cheered at the motorcyclists and clapped for the animals. I spent more time watching the fun she was having and the smiles on her and my husband’s faces than watching the show. 0611 0701 0911 0981 0991 1031 Mai stayed cuddled up on her daddy’s lap. They shared a popcorn and created a first memory of the circus for both of them. But it was not only a first for them, it was one for me as well. It was the first time I went to the circus with my family & I will never forget it. 1131



  1. This post really got me thinking. I’ve thought of firsts for my daughters and even for my wife (since she didn’t grow up where we live), but I’ve overlooked the “first time for the family” aspect. There are many things I’ve done, but doing it with the family makes it seem brand new again. Thanks for this reminder!

    1. Your welcome and thank you for your comment. It seems that there will always be new firsts to enjoy and when they cease to be firsts anymore they can become tradition. Either way they are all great memories.

  2. I’m so glad she loved it! My mother suggested the circus to me the other day and I had the exact same fears that you did about the toddler attention span. Maybe it would work out after all! I love all the pics!

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