Science Experiments With Water

Science experiment with water - water see-saw experiments in balance


I am sure that I am not alone in saying this. My child loves water play. Water play has saved me on more than one occasion. It is truly a wonderful way to keep your child engaged and occupied. It is also a wonderful way to incorporate a lesson or two & get them thinking and interactive. Experiments do not have to be complicated. For me, the simpler it is the better.

Recently we collected a bowl full of loose parts while cleaning the house & emptying out junk drawers & craft bins. Our first experiment put these pieces to good use.

Will it sink or float?

All you will need is a large bowl filled with water and different objects of varying sizes & weights.

Have your child add them one by one to the water & ask them if they sink or float. My daughter had so much fun with this that we had to keep finding more objects to add to our bowl. I was actually pretty surprised myself at which objects floated & which ones sank.

IMG_9162 IMG_9164 sink or float science experiments with water


Water See Saw

What you will need:

A shoe box cover

An empty Saran Wrap or tin foil roll. (You may use a paper towel roll, but the rolls from tin foil or cling wrap are far sturdier.

Hot glue

A piece of Saran wrap

Dixie cups

A squirt bottle


Directions: Measure your box & mark the center of your box on the top end of the cover. Hot glue the roll to the middle of the box as shown. This will form your see saw.



Tear off a square of Saran Wrap, fold it  & lay it down. Place the see saw on the Saran Wrap roll side down. The Saran Wrap will help keep it from moving.



Fill a squirt bottle with water. Give your child a stack of Dixie cups & show them how to put the cups on the see saw. Have them add water to the cups & watch as the side with the most water teeters down. Help them try to achieve balance by filling up the cups on each end or just let them perform their own experiment.

IMG_9171 IMG_9184IMG_9180 IMG_9188

As you can see by that happy little face, this experiment was a big hit with my daughter. She loved it. We kept emptying the cups & refilling. We even got our see saw to balance a few times. You could also try this with beans or some other small items. It was hard to drag her away, but we had to go to our final water experiment of the night…bath time.



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21 comments on “Science Experiments With Water

    1. Mai had a ton of fun with this. My husband and mother-in-law were playing with the see saw this morning. So it is a great activity for a bored husband or Nana too. Lol

    1. She was very excited. She was clapping & cheering as her see saw went up & down. It was wonderful to watch.

  1. We love water play! Water is the only thing that keeps my 2 year olds attention for awhile! Thanks for sharing!

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