Egg Carton Insects

Egg Carton Insects 2


My daughter likes bugs. We make bug crafts often, so forgive the repeated insect theme. We do however always craft them out of different materials & tonight was a new one for our insect crafts. We had a lot of pre-cut egg carton sections just waiting to be used. Mai started painting her insects while I cooked this evening. She painted a lot of them, so we needed to make a few.


After she painted them we let them dry.

For our bumble bee, we used a yellow section & painted black lines around the outside for the striping. We used a medium sized pom pom for the head & added in googly eyes. We formed the antennae & wings out of pipe cleaners.



Our lady bug was made with a red painted section dotted with black paint. I also dotted a red pipe cleaner for the wings. Add a head & antennae with eyes to this pretty little insect as well.



We had a few other sections in assorted colors. We combined these to form a butterfly. We used a pipe cleaner glued through the center of the four sections for the body. We added a sparkly pom pom for the head, followed with a striped pipe cleaner for our antennae. When each of these was glued into place, we added a pipe cleaner outline on each side to form the wings.

Egg Carton Butterfly


We used our final section, which Mai painted black to form a spider. We used 4 pipe cleaners to form the 8 legs & added another pom pom head & eyes. All in all I think that they came out very cute. Mai agreed.


Egg Carton Insects

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