Cork Train Craft

Simple Cork train craft - easy diy project. Cute and perfect for Christmas or for a kid's room. Easy arts and crafts projects

When you do arts and crafts as much as we do, friends and family will randomly give you materials that they think that you can craft with. I recently inherited a large jar of corks from my mother-in-law. We dug into them once already to make carolers for Christmas and then last night after watching the ‘Polar Express’, I dug into them once more to make a train.

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Thomas The Train Crafts

Paper Plate Thomas The Train Craft

My daughter loves cartoons. She would stay parked in front of the television all day, but I limit her screen time. There are only a few shows that she watches. Her favorite shows are ‘Stella & Sam’ & ‘Julius Jr.’ Since I monitor her television time, it always surprises me when she knows so many characters from other cartoons. Last night she kept talking to me about Percy. I did not know who Percy was. It turned out that Percy was a friend of Thomas the train. “Percy is so cute.” she told me. I was not familiar with Percy, but I know Thomas. I asked my daughter if she wanted to make Thomas & Percy crafts & of course she jumped at it. She chose to make Percy, so I made Thomas. We chose to make paper plate crafts. Here’s how.

What you will need:

Paper plates

Silver paint

Construction paper in blue, black, red & green.

Magic markers



Paint a paper plate in silver & let it dry.


Cut out the shapes for the bodies, eyes, mouths, lights & smoke stacks. (Here were all the pieces used to form Thomas)


Draw in the eyeballs & any details with magic marker.


I cut out all the pieces for Mai’s Percy as well.

Glue all the pieces together to form your characters.

IMG_5073 IMG_5077

Draw in nose, mouth & cheeks.


As you can see Mai was very proud of her creation.

IMG_5079 Percy The Train Craft

Mommy was proud of hers too.

Paper Plate Thomas The Train Craft

Since we were on a Thomas kick, we had to squeeze in just one more craft.

Footprint Thomas The Train Craft

Paint your child’s feet as shown.


Press onto a piece of paper & let dry.


Paint in the whites of the eyes & the mouth. Paint the train’s body as shown & let dry.


Paint or draw in the details & let dry.

Thomas the Train footprint craft

Add a smoke stack & train tracks with crayons to finish off your picture.

Thomas The Train Footprint Craft


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