Footprint Armadillo Craft

Footprint Armadillo CraftI realized something the other day. My little girl is growing too fast. I was sorting through a box of our old crafts & found an old imprint of her foot from when she was only a few weeks old. I went through all of our old footprint crafts & I realized just how much those little feet have been growing. I decided that I wanted to get in as many footprint craft keepsakes as possible. Me, Mai & her little tootsies are going to make footprint crafts from A-Z with maybe a few special requests in between. Mai does ask for specific foot crafts often after all. Last night was our “A”. A is for armadillo.

Armadillo Footprint Craft

Paint your child’s foot in gray & let it dry.

Draw in a line to separate the head from the body with a magic marker or paint & draw in lines for the armor.


Draw or paint in ears, a nose & an eye.



Add in speckles on the top of the head & on either end of the lined armor.


Draw or paint in legs & a tail to finish it off.


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