Paper Bowl Nature Nest Craft

This is a fun & easy nature craft for your kids. Glue items found in nature into a paper bowl

It has been gorgeous weekend. My daughter & I spent most of our morning yesterday playing outdoors. The leaves have already begun to turn & the acorns have fallen. Mai ran around the yard gathering them both into piles. She added in some sticks and rocks as well.



We used paper bowls to collect & separate them in. This gave me an idea. We could glue the items into our bowls & make nests.

This is a simple craft that all ages groups should enjoy.

Squeeze a liberal amount of glue all around the inside of your bowl. Lay leaves, grass, sticks, bark etc.. into the bowl. (Use caution when gathering your items. Stay clear of poison ivy, thorn bushes & insect infested areas)



Add more glue in between layers to hold everything together.

IMG_7335 IMG_7331

To make your rock bird, paint the rock in the color of your choice & glue on foam or construction paper wings, feet & beak. Add googly eyes.


Mai did not want a bird in her nest. She only wanted acorns.


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Paper Bowl Nature Nest Craft

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