Acorn & Nature Crafts

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Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day. With the weather getting cooler everyday, I wanted to make sure that we enjoyed every second of the outdoors as we could before the cold weather hits. We went for a walk to look at the foliage, we flew a kite & cleaned up our yard. The leaves have begun to fall & so have the acorns. Our yard is covered in acorns. My daughter helped me gather up the acorns. We filled up her Hello Kitty bag with them. Now what we were going to do with them all?


I have seen a few wonderful ideas for nature art activities lately & was feeling inspired.

We gathered sticks, rocks & leaves to go with our acorns.

IMG_9130 IMG_9133

Our challenge was going to be to make a fall tree to commemorate our lovely day.

First we laid out branches & rocks to form our tree trunk & branches.


We separated our leaves in three sections by color. While Mai helped me place the leaves,  I made an outline around them using our acorns.



We continued to add leaves around our branches until we thought we had enough leaves on our tree.



We still had a lot of acorns left, so we had a little fun crafting in the evening.


Acorn Turkey

Trim the excess stem off the acorn caps. Glue two acorn caps together as shown using hot glue. (Use caution when using a glue gun. Glue guns are recommended for adult use only.)


Glue 4 bottom sections around the two caps.


Cut out the turkey’s body, wattle, beak & feet out of foam. Glue the pieces in place & add googly eyes to finish.

Acorn Turkey Craft - Thanksgiving nature craft for the fall

To make the owl, glue the caps together the same as above & trim the stems off the acorn caps.

Glue the caps to the top of an acorn bottom.


Cut wings, a beak & feet out of foam & glue the pieces in place. Add googly eyes to finish off.


Acorn Owl Craft - Cute fall nature crafts

We also made another quick craft using a few of the leftover branches and leaves from outside.

Simple nature craft using twigs & leaves

I hope you are all enjoying your fall days as well.

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  1. My younger daughter collected a whole bunch last week and was still trying to decide what to do with them. Totally going to try your crafts above now with her. Thanks Kim 😉

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