Puzzle Piece Wreath

My sweet child has really been getting into the holiday season. I can tell this is going to be a fun year for our little munchkin.Puzzle Piece Wreath Craft for kids. Christmas and winter arts and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers - with buttons

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 She is ready for winter & has been drawing up a wintery storm. We have snowmen & Christmas trees all over the place. It is adorable.


Her latest drawing was of a wreath. She was so excited as she was making her wreath.  She made a bow with long strings at the bottom and said that her wreath had ghost floating in the middle of it. Hmmmmm…


She wanted to cut out her wreath, so we did and then decided to make more wreaths together. We dug through our craft bin to see what we had & came across our bag of old puzzle pieces. It turned out we had just enough to build two wreaths with.

To make these easy wreaths, all you will need is:

Old puzzle pieces of roughly the same size


Green paint

Green glitter

Red pipe cleaner

Different colored buttons or pom poms


Glue the puzzle pieces together in a ring like shown. Let the glue dry.


Paint your ring green & then sprinkle glitter on it.



Let the paint & glitter dry. Form a bow with a pipe cleaner & glue into place. Mai didn’t want to decorate her wreath. She said that it was a broccoli wreath & you don’t put decorations on broccoli.


Add buttons or pom poms or whatever else you can think of for embellishments. Add a string to the top & you can use it as an ornament as well.

Puzzle Piece Wreath Craft for kids. Christmas and winter arts and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers - with buttons

Our wreaths came out cute & sparkly and they helped us finally use the last of our mis-matched puzzle pieces.

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