Hunting For Worms

As you know, we love to read. We regularly visit the library & just love to find new books to read. Hunting for worms inspired by the book Yucky Worms. Fun nature & science exploring for kids..

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On our last visit to the library, we found a book that we chose for its funny name. The title ‘Yucky Worms’ attracted my daughter. It got quite a chuckle.


The book had a lot of fun facts about worms. It explained why we need worms, how they benefit us and why and it gave some helpful tips on when & how to find them. My daughter was very excited about some of the things that she learned & was excited to impart some of her new knowledge of worms on friends & family.

After reading the book, my daughter, of course, wanted to test out some of the suggestions on how to find them & wanted to go on a worm hunt. This weekend, we had the perfect weather as suggested by the book, so we headed outdoors with some buckets & shovels and began our search for worms, big & small.

Worms like to show themselves when the earth is damper, so we added a little water to the area of yard that we chose to look in. My daughter & I carefully loosened up the soil and waited.

IMG_2007 IMG_2017

My daughter spotted one almost immediately. We watched him wriggle around and placed him in a container so that we could study him for a little bit before returning him to his home. I asked my daughter some questions based on what we learned in the book.

Which end is his head & which end is his butt?

Why are worms our friends?

We recalled the explanation of how worms move & watched as it moved itself along.

 IMG_2009 IMG_2016  Hunting for worms

We continued our hunt, but were only able to find a couple this time out. We had a fun time exploring and my daughter even dug me up a little something special before we went back indoors.


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