Horse Themed Birthday Party

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My little girl turned six this weekend. I can’t believe it is possible. She was very excited about her birthday this year, more so than ever before. This is her first year of school and she really wanted to invite her school friends to her birthday this year. So… her whole class was invited and just about her whole class accepted. So what is a mom to do when she has a guest list of close to 30 kids? She better make sure she has plenty of activities. Horse themed party ideas for a kid's birthday party. Decorations and activities for a fun party. Spirit Riding Free

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My daughter wanted a Spirit Riding Free party. There is not much available in Spirit party supplies so we made it a bit more of a horse themed party with some homemade Spirit elements.

I made our banner by printing Spirit images that we found online. I cut the images into triangle shapes, mounted them to cardstock and then used a hole punch to punch holes into each of the top points of our triangles. My daughter wanted to string up the banner, so I laid out all the pieces for her and showed her how to weave the pieces together. We added burlap pieces in between the cardstock triangles.

I was lucky enough that we had things around the house that we were able to use to decorate with. We had cowboy hats and rope and a red and black checkered blanket that made a wonderful table-cloth for our snack table. We bought a couple of small hay bales and used miniature horses to decorate our tables and to hand out to the kids.

I searched on Pinterest and all over the internet for Spirit, horse and cowboy themed coloring pages. We printed out 8 different coloring page sets for each child. There were crayons and colored pencils spread all around the table.

Not just the kids enjoyed this table. Grampy diligently worked on his picture for a while.

The cookie decorating station was a huge hit with the kids.

My little loved helping me bake sugar cookies. She helped me cut out horse, cowboy hat and cowboy boot cookies. We made our own icing and put them in piping bags and we also bought store bought icing as backup. There were assorted decorations and sprinkles and even candy eyeballs to put on the horses.

Painting and decorating wooden horseshoes was another activity that the kids dove right into. The small paint pots were perfect for this.

Design your own bandanas was my daughter’s favorite of all the stations. She couldn’t wait to do this. We set out assorted fabric markers in wide and thin tips and let the kids create their own cowgirl and cowboy styles.

I threw this horse race game together at the last minute using poster board, colored card stock and markers.

Each child was given a miniature horse. They rolled a die and moved along their track toward the finish line. The first one to cross the finish line won. We had horse stickers and horse tattoos as prizes.

 These rubber horseshoes were a ton of fun. The kids alternated teams and played until the end.

Cake time came at last. I got the idea for this cupcake horse cake from Press Print Party. We made two horses because of all the guests.


It was a wonderful time and my daughter loved every second of it.

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Horse themed party ideas for a kid's birthday party. Decorations and activities for a fun party. Spirit Riding Free


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