Paper Plate Ice Skate Craft

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My five year old is an aspiring hockey star. She loves it on the ice and I love watching her. An old photo of her on skates inspired this paper plate ice skater craft. If you are looking for a cute and sweet winter project, don’t look any further. These adorable ice skaters are a fun winter craft with an interactive twist. Your kids will love coloring in the printable templates. They can add their own faces or draw in ones of their own design.

Interactive paper plate ice skater craft with boy and girl printable templates - ice skating - winter and Christmas arts and crafts for kids

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What you will need:

Paper plate

Thick stock paper

Gel pens, markers or crayons

Construction paper

Craft stick


Craft blade

Printable template Printable Ice Skater (Girl) (Ice Skater Printable (Boy)



Print out the template of your choice onto thick stock paper.Color in your template with markers or crayons and leave the head circle blank if you want to add a picture to it.

Find a picture of your child where the size of the head in the picture is about the same size as the head circle on the template. Cut it into a circle shape and glue it onto the blank circle.

Cut out your colored picture.

Glue a small craft stick to the back of the straight leg on the skater.

With a craft blade cut a line across a paper plate. Do not cut all the way through to either end. (This part should be done by an adult.) Use scissors to cut the line just a sliver wider.

Cut a few green pine trees for the backdrop. Make the trunks extra long so that you can fold them over into a tab. Glue the trees onto the back of your plate at the tab.

Slide the craft stick through the slit in the plate and slide your skater back and forth and watch your little skater go.

Interactive paper plate ice skating craft with boy and girl printable templates - winter and Christmas arts and crafts for kids

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