Wax Paper Bubble Art

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The spring is here!! Hip hip hooray! One of our favorite warm weather activities is blowing bubbles. My little girl is crazy for bubbles. Bubbles are so beautiful and magical and just make you happy. These were enough reasons to make a bubble project for the spring. This pretty mixed media bubble project combines watercolors, wax paper and pastels. Wax Paper Bubble Art - a mixed media bubbles art project for the kids. Perfect for spring or summer. Watercolors and pastels

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What you will need:

Watercolor paper


Wax paper

Oil pastels

Glue stick



My little enjoying her Bubble Monsoon.


Paint a simple background onto a sheet of watercolor paper. A sky background or simple greenery are perfect. My little is obsessed with sunsets. I knew right away that she would choose a sunset background. She did not disappoint. True to form, she made a lovely sunset and a dark sky.

Paint your background and then set it aside to dry.

You can start on the bubbles while your paint dries. Tear off a piece of wax paper. Tape down the wax paper and draw a few different size circles onto the paper. We used cups and lids to trace our circles. Use pastels to follow the shape of the inside of the circles. Use a white pastel to add a curved line or two to add some shine to your bubble.

You can choose to use a tissue or paper towel to blend and soften the color of the bubbles. My daughter chose to leave hers as is. That works too for a bolder look.

Cut out your bubbles after you are done. This is wonderful for working on those cutting skills. My six year old cut out her circles almost perfectly.

Glue your bubbles onto your background. Overlap a few bubbles for a more realistic look.

Spread out your bubbles and draw in some tiny ones directly on the paper with your pastels if you like. These were fun to make and came out so lovely. They took about 20 minutes to a half hour for each.

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Wax Paper Bubble Art - a mixed media bubbles art project for the kids. Perfect for spring or summer. Watercolors and pastels

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