Wax Paper Ghosts

We love Halloween and making Halloween arts and crafts in our home. This year so far, we have made cauldrons, witches’ shoes, jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, mummies, and pumpkin patches, but no ghosts. Ghost crafts have always been a tricky one for me. Ghosts should be transparent, shouldn’t they? But, it seems like they never are. That’s what makes the wax paper so great in these wax paper ghosts, even with a little paint they still keep some of their transparency and look adorably haunting.

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What you will need:

Wax paper

White & black acrylic paint

Construction paper

Paint brushes


Optional: Watercolor paper, watercolors & Sharpie


Cut or rip a piece of wax paper into a ghost shape.

Wet a paintbrush and dip it into white paint. Paint one side of the wax paper. The paint will not stick completely to the wax and that is ok. It will give transparency to the parts where the paint doesn’t stick. The wetter the brush, the less the paint will stick and the more transparency.

Press the wax paper directly onto a piece of dark construction paper or onto a painted background. Scroll down to see our ghosts with a painted background.

Add as many ghosts as you like using this same method.

Use black paint to add faces to your ghosts.

Set your ghosts aside to dry. Almost all of our ghosts stuck when the paint dried. Only one came loose. If your ghosts come off, use a glue stick to glue it back into place.

We also made ghosts set on a background. For the background, we used watercolor paper. I drew bare trees on with a Sharpie.

I painted over the Sharpie with watercolors and then let the background dry.

Then I repeated the steps above to make the ghosts and add them to the background. I love how you can see a hint of the trees and background through the ghosts.

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