Pop-up Animal Puppets with Printables

If you are anything like me, you probably have a collection of empty cardboard tubes laying around in a bin somewhere just waiting to be turned into a fun craft. If this sounds like you, then you are in luck! These pop-up animal puppets are adorable and fun to play with.

Free printable animals are included.

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What you will need:

Cardboard tube (paper towel tube)

Acrylic paint

Colored pencils or markers

Green construction paper


Wooden dowel or skewer

Free Animal Printable


Cut a paper towel roll in half.

Cut an oval into the side of your tube.

Paint the outside of the tube in a shade of brown.

Use a darker shade of brown paint and paint bark lines onto your tube. Paint the inside of the tube in black and let it dry.

Draw your own little tree buddy or print out one our free printables and color them in with colored pencils or thin markers. Free printables are available in supplies list.

Color in the animal of your choice and then cut out the animal shape.

For a simpler craft, you can skip cutting into the tube and color in the oval and the animal and then cut out the full oval. Then, glue it directly to the trunk. It will not be a pop-up, but it will still be a cute craft for the kiddos.

Tape a wooden skewer to the back of the animal shape.

Cut a piece of green construction paper to form the top leafy part of your tree. Cut two slits into the paper and slide the paper onto your trunk.

Once you are done with your tree, pop your little woodland animal into your tree and let him play.

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