Cork Printed Pumpkin Patch Art

My daughter found a box of assorted corks the other day. She was so excited when she found them and immediately wanted to know what she could do with them. Her excitement rubbed off on me and I had to find a project for the corks too. These champagne corks were perfect for our pumpkin patch.

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What you will need:

Watercolor paper

Watercolor paints

Acrylic paints

Champagne corks

Construction paper

Glue sticks


Oh, how I adore watercolors. They make the most beautiful backgrounds and are the base for a good portion of our projects. On a piece of watercolor paper, I started painting the background for our pumpkin patch. I painted the bottom half of the paper for the ground.

I sprinkled salt over the wet paint. If you have never seen how salt reacts to watercolors, you should definitely try it. The salt absorbs the watercolors leaving a cool speckled, textured look that we just love. The salt effect worked nicely for our ground.

On the top, I chose to make a night sky, so I painted the top half in purples and pinks and then set the painting aside to dry.

Next, I used black acrylic paint and a skinny paint brush to add soft lines to give the impression of bare trees in the distance.

I cut some thin strips of construction paper to make a fence and used a glue stick to glue the fence on my horizon.

Here’s my favorite part, stamping on the pumpkins. I dipped the fat end of the cork into orange paint and stamped all over the ground portion of the painting.

After stamping the pumpkins, I came back through with green paint to paint on the pumpkins stems and vines.

Play around with different backgrounds. Make it a morning scene with fall leaves in the background. Add a scarecrow, a haunted house, a wheelbarrow, maybe some fall animals. Turn the pumpkins into Jack-O-lanterns. Have fun with it and share some of your finished artwork with us on our social media pages. We love that part.

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