Spider Web Line Art

I have a little secret. I love spiders. My good friends know this about me and think that it is weird. I know all the rest of you are all saying “Ewww”, but it’s true. Spiders get a bad wrap. They are actually very helpful. And I am just obsessed with their webs. This art project is dedicated to my 8-legged friends and it’s is a fun one.

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What you will need:

Paper (any kind)



Colored pencils, markers, crayons, gel pens

This project can take a little bit of time depending on how many lines you draw and what you are using to color with. The prep work is quick and easy. Coloring in all the shapes may take some time. You might consider using smaller sheets of paper or cutting the paper in half or quarters for smaller children. If there are too many shapes to color, they might lose interest.


First, start by drawing a spider somewhere on your paper with Sharpie. Make your spider large enough that it doesn’t get lost in the web. We made just a simple spider with circles and lines, but you can get as simple or elaborate with your design as you like.

Next, use a ruler and draw lines from one edge of the page to another, through & all around the spider. Draw them straight, horizontal, diagonal. The more lines that you make, the more shapes to color and the smaller the shapes will be.

Next, draw lines around the spider as if you are surrounding it with a polygon. Draw a few working your way outward.

Your project is now ready to color. Color in each shape using the coloring tools of your choice. Be sure to separate shapes that are touching by coloring them in with different colors. We used gel pens and markers on this one.

This one we colored in with colored pencils. Which is your favorite?

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