Mixed Media Witches’ Shoes

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Who else is absolutely crazy about Halloween, like we are? We really get into the holiday in our house. and love making decorations and crafts. These mixed media witch shoes are a pretty and cute project to kick off the Halloween season. See our free printable below. These are inspired by our Mixed Media Elf Shoes, so please check those out too. Christmas won’t be far behind.

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What you will need:

Watercolor paper


Construction paper/ scrapbook paper

Glue sticks

Black Sharpie

Yarn or string


Other optional: Markers, crayons, colored Pencils, newspaper, acrylic paint

Witch Shoe Printable


Start with a piece of watercolor paper.

(In our pictures shown, we just did one witch shoe. We cut our watercolor paper in half for this, but you may choose to do two shoes and use the full sheet. )

Paint the background however you like in watercolors.

Set the background aside to dry.

While the paint is drying, print out your printable. For the shoes, we tried a few different methods. We traced the printable onto construction paper and then cut them out, we colored our template shoe with colored pencils and we used blended pastels to color in a shoe too. When you have finished with your shoe, use a Sharpie to dot on shoelace holes and even draw on laces if you like.

For the socks, we used construction paper and scrapbook papers. We cut them into thin strips to make stripes for our socks, but you can make stripes with paints, markers, watercolor on newspaper, washi tape, yarn…

Cut out your sock printable and cover it on one side with a glue stick. Keep in mind that the curved side of your sock should be facing the back of your shoe. Start layering your paper strips one on top of the other.

When you have covered the sock, flip it over and cut off the excess paper.

Glue your shoe and sock onto your dried background. Tie a little piece of yarn or string into a bow and glue it onto your shoe to finish it off.

Mixed Media Witch Shoe with printable template

Warning: These were a lot of fun to make, you might end up making a bunch of these.

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