Dixie Cup Squirrel Craft

These Dixie cup squirrels are an easy and adorable fall craft.

My daughter ever so randomly and matter-of-factly said to me the other day, “Mama, let’s make a squirrel craft.” It was so out of the blue. I had to ask why. Her simple answer was “Because they are so cute”. That was good enough for me and let’s be honest, they are pretty cute. These Dixie cup squirrels are perfect for the fall and were easy to make.

Dixie Cup Squirrel Craft - kid's arts and crafts for autumn / fall - paper animals

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B is For Baboon Footprint Craft

Footprint Baboon Craft - B is for Baboon

We are into week two of our A-Z footprint crafts. Our choice for the letter “b” is baboon. My daughter made a deal with me regarding our footprint craft. She said that if she let me make a baboon out of her feet, then she would get to paint my feet too. I agreed, of course.

To make our footprint baboon, paint around the outline of your child’s foot with a dark brown. Paint inside of the outline in a lighter shade of brown. Paint the heel in yellow & then paint an upside down “T” with light blue around it as shown.


Press it onto a piece of paper.


Draw in the nose & mouth on the heel.


Dry brush around the outside of the foot using a fanned out brush to make the fur.



Paint in the body in dark brown to finish off your craft.


Footprint Baboon Craft - B is for Baboon

True to my word, I let Mai paint my feet. She painted it & pressed it onto the paper & set it aside to let it dry. I can’t wait to see what she makes with it.


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Egg Carton Monkey

Egg Carton Monkeys


My daughter hates bedtime. Much like her mommy, she is not a fan of sleep. Every night is a battle. She has a million excuses & she is a clever one. She knows mommy’s weaknesses. Tonight, I asked her if she wanted to make a craft with me. She had said yes, so I broke out all the paints & supplies. She changed her mind & then decided that she wanted Play-doh instead. When bedtime came though, she changed her tune. “Mommy, will you do a craft with me?” Mommy is such a sucker.

Egg Carton Monkey

Paint 3 egg carton sections in brown & let dry.



Paint a lighter shade of brown in a heart shape onto one of the sections. Let dry.


Draw in a nose & mouth with a marker & add googly eyes.


Glue the carton together like shown & add foam ears & feet.


Add pipe cleaners for arms & a tail.

Egg Carton Monkeys

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