Butterfly Potato Stamps

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Butterfly Potato Stamps



On most evenings after we eat supper, my daughter & I head straight for our kitchen island & draw, paint or do a craft. There are days that we just draw pictures together, there are others when she requests a special project & there are times that mommy has ideas of her own. Most of the time, she is willing to try what I throw at her & she commits very intently on the craft or project at hand. Some days however, she wants to do her own thing & mommy is left with a project that she still wants to try.


Usually my daughter is a fan of stamping. We have used potatoes, apples, marshmallows & other odds and ends to make imprints. We had a bag of old potatoes that I wanted to make use of. I wanted to make butterflies using two chunks of potato. Mai was very busy drawing, so I tried this one on my own. I thought they came out cute, so I wanted to share.

Cut a potato in half & then slice of a little bit from one end so that one end has a straight edge. Do this to both potatoes.


Cut a small V-shaped piece out of the side opposite of the straight end. Carve a line from the V to the opposite end.IMG_0152


Dip both potato pieces into paints of assorted colors.




Stamp the two pieces of potato side by side with the straight edges facing each other.




Let your stamps dry.


Draw or paint in the butterfly’s body & antennae.





Mai did not want to try this craft, but she did like the end result.

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